Last Minute Party Tips for Hostess with no Time

Our party rental stores near me can assist you with throwing a last minute party. It’s straightforward to do if you focus on some significant things, leaving you less stress and more time for the party itself.

Remember, you can plan a party at home even when you just have little time to prepare everything. Setting the party theme, purchasing the party supplies, sending invitations to your guests, and telling everyone the details of the party, and making a few preparations will guarantee that you set up an extraordinary last minute party.

Be the hostess with the most with these party rental companies near me simple ideas.


 Last Minute Party Invitations

With email and social media so widely used these days, it is getting easier to send invitations via the web. While throwing a late party this can help get the word out quickly. Also, you will have the same extraordinary turnaround time on the Rsvp. If you have many friends and family members you want to invite on Facebook, you can straightforwardly create an event there and welcome them.

They will also tell you quickly if they can go or not. You can find a quick, free, and simple email invite option here. Remember that many of your friends may not use social media or even a computer as much as you do and for those, a quick call will work.


 Last Minute Party Cleaning

cleaning house for a last minute party

While throwing a last minute party you won’t have the chance or time to clean your entire house. Choose which rooms your visitors will see and focus the cleaning on them and lock or shut the doors on the rest. Best cleaning tip, start with the kitchen, living room, door, and the bathroom since these people will use these rooms the most during a party. Also, if it’s a patio party then concentrate on the patios maintenance.

Grab some enormous garbage bags and start quickly cleaning from room to room. Bring a box or laundry hamper with you so you can get all those things that are out of place. One last note on cleaning before we proceed onward. Ensure you give some consideration when cleaning the bathroom since visitors will visit these a few times during their stay.


Party rental supplies and décor

24-Hours Party Rentals Miami Package 7

What’s a party without decorations and supplies, well, possibly a dinner? So, to avoid a dinner from occurring, find the perfect and local party rentals company near you with an affordable party packages.

They have the best party packages available and delivery options that can get you the equipment for your last minute party. For example, supplies like tables, chairs, decorations like balloons, color napkins, and tablecloths plus tents for outside occasions. Worried about your chair rentals read this post below.

Party Rental Chairs- Things to Consider When Renting Chairs


 Last Minute Party Food


Having potluck food prepared can help save planning time for a gathering. Fix the main meal and ask a couple of wonderful friends to assist you with the side dishes. If you can do this all alone then, keep it basic by serving something simple like taco and chips or spaghetti and garlic bread.

Don’t forget you can make dishes using your slow cooker. These things don’t take as much time as five-course meals. However, you can truly eliminate the prep work while throwing a last minute party by ordering pizza, cokes, and chicken wings and having it delivered a few hours before the start of the party.


 Last Minute Party Drinks


When throwing a last minute party try to keep your drink menu straightforward. Pick three things that will work best for the visitors and try to guess it correctly. Don’t worry, most visitors wouldn’t fret if you don’t serve their preferred drink. Maybe you can serve two kinds of beers, a good wine, and tequila or rum for hard drinkers.

There are even incredible ways to fancy water by including a little cucumber and mint, lemon, blueberries, or even watermelon. Let the fruit stay marinating in the water for some time so you get the full flavor when serving. Also, consider cokes, bottled waters, juices, natural refreshments, and box juices for kids so everyone fills their thirst.

Music and entertainment

DJ Rentals and equipment

It’s excellent to have music playing at your party to make a quiet occasion, not all that calm. A party without music is not a party like a gathering without decorations. You can think of hiring a DJ, but often you need to give them a week or two in advance so they can get ready. But you might get lucky.

However, if you can’t hire a DJ on such brief notice, maybe you have a favorite playlist or two that can work perfectly on continuous play. Also, services like Pandora have playlists that will function admirably for all party guests. Some people have even used YouTube to play non-stop tunes. Which can be convenient when you can hit play and walk away!

Have some games on standby just in case you need to change the mood of the party. You can also hire a clown or magician for children’s parties and enjoy the presentation. But the extraordinary thing about throwing a last minute party is that visitors will have fun being with each other’s company and appreciate a splendid party.

Whatever else that comes along will be a special bonus, so have the games prepared and accessible and relax and let the great time roll!

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