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Things to Know when Hiring the Best Wedding Videographer

Hiring the best wedding videographer from your local party rentals stores near me can go a long way in helping the bride have special moments recorded forever. Most brides regret not having a video to watch or reminisce. Often the bride has blurry pictures taken by their friend the photographer who was busy socializing and having some drinks instead of giving 100 percent in the task at hand.

A wedding is remarkable since you’re surrounded by many friends and family members that loved you inspiring your marriage with great toasts. Thinking about the energy, cash, and time that goes into your big day it is truly an investment you’ll want to remember for many years. Therefore, today our wedding planners in Miami, Florida, will give you a few hints on hiring the right expert wedding videographer.


Hire the best professional videographer first


Try to hire a professional that has taken shots at big sites and worked with local merchants will help your film.

An expert, who knows about where the sun will set, which shot angles to shoot when conditions and light are ideal, usually, are significant factors in having the best film.

Don’t look only at their portfolio, see their reviews on different sites. The top experts bring the same A-game. It means they bring it even when things don’t go right (timing, climate, lighting, and different factors that could be challenging) they can still bring an extraordinary film.


Know the style of video you like for your wedding

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There are many ways to shoot a wedding but these are the most shot:

Music video: It centers on cinematic shots, and is a visually driven film with many changing through parts of the day with effects and music with lyrics. This style has next to zero sound, for example, vows, speeches, or some other dialogue.

Candid/minimalist: This style resembles an expertly shot home movie and it centers on candid moments with a handheld style. Also, it is more about snapshots of visitors laughing, speeches, regular audio, and people interacting over visual flair. These films have a natural characteristic feel with instrumental music driven by dialogue.

Cinematic Story Telling: This style is the best for me and it has the visual production film of the music video yet with the feel and sentiment of the Candid style. In this style, there are dazzling cinematics moments besides the emotional feel of the day with dialogue from the day.


Things you should know before hiring the best wedding videographer


To find the perfect wedding videographer, do your due diligence and call references besides reading online reviews.

Consider picking a videographer because you love their work, for example, their films and style. After you hire them, don’t send them films by other videographers.

Ensure your videographer is a licensed drone pilot. Nothing catches the wonderful scene of the beach like the drone. Often, you need a license to fly a drone but remember, a few sites don’t permit drones.

Vows are ideal, however, if you would prefer not to do personal vows during your ceremony, you could exchange cards to be recited out loud recorded by your expert.

To have personal vows it can help the storytelling and help the videographer paint the perfect picture or film.


Know about your videographer’s edit time for your film


A few ladies wait a year for their film but the business standard is around a half year. Some experts can have it to you in four months. Know about how responsive your videographer is before hiring.

You would prefer not to have the lousy wasted time tracking your videographer months or years after the wedding for your film.


Wedding Video Shoot

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Your professional videographer can only use licensed music. Not all songs are available to everyone for licensing. However, there are licensing sites and many music options that people can use to make your film more your style.

Final edit options. There are many options for final delivery; here are the top options.

Trailer/Teaser, a video that is sixty seconds will fit on Instagram (their current time limit is sixty seconds).

Highlight film, from three to six minutes of the best moments of your day, this is incredible for weddings with a little reception or with minimal speeches.

Short Film, eight to ten minutes, has the best balance. A short film has the visual engagement of the shorter movies. But still have the time to add speeches and content to tell your story.

Feature Film twelve minutes and more, this is extraordinary to get the entire story. The features combined with a trailer is an incredible alternative so you have the two forms for the individuals who want the full film and the individuals who want to see only the best moments.

Documentary Video or Long Form Edit: this is the full service and reception edited by the cameras. This like a live edit with no cinematic quality. It just shows the entire day in chronological order in a watchable format.

These edits are typically, around forty-five minutes in length yet the length can change depending on the service denomination and length of speeches.

Raw footage with no edits- I suggest having this for archival purposes, it isn’t as watchable as the Documentary edit but it is a more affordable choice.


Film format

4K Ultra HD is multiple times the resolution of HD and will turn into the new video standard most likely in the following years so it’s a great option time-proof your film.


However, you can only see 4K on 4K TVs and computers. USB flash drive is the standard delivery for your film now. A USB drive is the most popular delivery format or even online by means of a download link.


Now you know why to hire a professional videographer!

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Numerous visitors can take pictures, or use a smartphone and camera to capture your ceremony, but leave the video recording to the hired professionals. You don’t want a friend with a smartphone with little skills to ruin your wedding memories. Therefore, hire the best wedding videographer from party rentals in Miami!


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