5 Types of Concession Machine Party Rental Items

With so many choices available, it’s straightforward to become overwhelmed when looking for types of machine party rental items for a party. However, finding the right party organizers to make planning arrangements clear, convenient, and stress-free for you is conceivable. Inflatable castle rentals near Miami, FL, will surely cause your guests much fun, too.

However, a category with many choices is concession machine rentals. Whether arranging a family get-together, a youngster’s birthday party, a company picnic, or a school fundraiser, renting a machine rental will make your event a hit. For instance, popcorn machine rental in Miami offers an excellent taste of popcorn you only find in cinemas.

Leasing concessions can include food-tasting fun and different advantages. Nevertheless, there is much food machine equipment to review, so I will show you some that can add value to your next party.

Foam Machine Rental

foam machine pool party

By the early 1990s, locations like Ibiza and Miami Beach were the place to be for a hip-foam party. However, it wasn’t until the early 21st century that foam parties took off. Nightclubs started having parties where individuals would dance on a dancefloor in a few feet of foam dispensed from an overhead foam machine.

Today, people have started tossing foam parties utilizing foam machine rentals. These high-quality foam machines for rent often include an inflatable arena with surrounding walls. The inflatable arena is soft and safe, so the guests can slip around without hurting themselves, which is the general purpose!

A foam machine connects to a water source and pumps foam into the arena. Then, turn on the music and let everyone have an excellent time!

Foam cannon costs $1450 to buy, so consider renting a foam machine from us for $100 or less instead.

Popcorn Machine Rental

best types of popcorn machine rental

Rent a popcorn machine if you need the popcorn popped correctly. This classic and delicious treat has been a party favorite for a long time and the perfect treat for children for countless years. Also, grownups love popcorn, too!

When the visitors begin to smell the newly popped kernels with butter flavor, they will happily wait for their bag—hosting a party? No stress; these simple-to-use popcorn machine rentals are straightforward to use.

Popcorn machine rentals are ideal for birthday parties, corporate events, church fundraisers, and carnival events. These popcorn machines will serve you a bag in minutes, so kick back and enjoy a bag of new, hot, delectable popcorn. So, keep the gathering popping for a long time with commercial-grade 6-ounce poppers!

According to Why the Book Wins, expect to spend between $50 and $200 daily to rent a commercial popcorn maker.

Snow Cone Machine Rental

On sweltering summer days, everybody will be cheerful that you leased a snow cone machine! Nothing chills you off more than heavenly-flavored ice. These snow cone machines are well-known at celebrations, sporting events, and carnival events.

When people stay outside in the sun for a long time, they’re looking for something to eat or drink that will enable them to cool off. Well, snow cone machines are the answer for any summer outside party.

There are Many Types of Chocolate Fountain Machines

Two types of Chocolate fountain machines with fruits

Imagine the look of your visitors when they see and smell the rich, creamy chocolate falling down a beautiful mountain. Add a chocolate fountain machine rental near me to your next occasion and leave a lasting impression on your visitors! It’s ideal for any event, including weddings, formal affairs, anniversaries, or birthdays!

When working, the chocolate fountain looks like a three-layered chocolate wedding cake. Gourmet chocolate falls off each layer in sheets, and visitors dip skewered fruits or other food items like cookies or pretzels into the chocolate stream for pure food paradise. But the truth is, the chocolate fountain can be utilized on pretty much any occasion where you are hoping to amaze visitors, stand out, or make a lasting impression.

The average cost of renting a chocolate fountain is $420, but you will probably spend between $380 and $550.

Margarita Frozen Machine

 Margarita Machine Rental for Lime Drinks

Do you want to make a party that your visitors will never forget? Renting a great Margarita frozen machine can make the difference between a traditional boring party and an incredible gathering that individuals remember for a long time.

Making every guest a drink they will love isn’t straightforward, especially if you are the host and busy with other things. However, the Margarita machine will do it all, saving you time and headaches. I will make all the delicious frozen drinks for everyone, so you can stay social with your guests.

Expect to pay around $150–170 for renting one margarita machine. But prices can fluctuate on holidays.



If you cannot find suitable machine party rental items, consider 24 Hours Party Rental as your supplier.

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