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Party Planner Miami Tips for a Memorable Home NYE Party

Party Planner Miami experts enjoy going to a big New Year’s bash like everyone else. However, what if you host an at-home NYE party instead? Why? There’s always a lot of pressure surrounding New Year’s Eve party. For one, everyone needs to begin the New Year off right, but you required careful planning well ahead of time.

Yes, we value the celebrations that welcome the new calendar year, hitting the town can bring some pressure. For instance, have you tried to hail a taxi on NYE in Downtown Miami transportation, costs like restaurant menus and VIP parking can add up? Plus, general inconveniences (street closures, long bathroom lines, etc.) This can make for a more stressful environment than a celebratory one.

However, our event planners Miami, specialists are huge fans of hosting an at-home NYE party that is cost-efficient, comfortable, and convenient. Besides, it will save you time and even money. Below you will find our top at-home NYE party planner Miami ideas that will guarantee you and your visitors celebrate the New Year correctly.


Make the perfect ambiance

Don’t throw a boring party on NYE, so set the tone by making the correct environment for your party-goers to relax and to let loose. Since the sun sets a lot earlier in December, embrace the dim lighting and fill the space with the glow of glitter votive candles, twinkle lights, or a cozy fire.

Create your space to make your guests well aware of the party zones in your home. They’ll understand what is off-limits by the set-up of your room(s) with drink stations, appetizers, and a lot of seating.

Take coats and purses from your visitors so you don’t clutter the gathering area with objects. This will leave more space for relaxing and dancing without the baggage.


Party planner Miami tip-Get Everyone Involved With a Theme

people celebrating New Years 2020

If you’re hosting a significant event, invite everyone to get involved by establishing a theme for the gathering well ahead of time. Possibly it’s extravagant black-tie attire or a casual approach like NYE party hats and sunglasses.

You’ll require everyone to wear a hat and sunglasses for entry since it will give the party a comprehensive, fun atmosphere. Making a theme can also get your visitors excited for the occasion by arranging their planning early. It will transform your gathering from the same boring NYE parties to something greater.

Offer activities


Since an NYE party last longer than regular parties (waiting until 12 for the ball to drop), break the boredom of the gathering by arranging a couple of fun activities. Set up games like backgammon, dice, cards, and, maybe video games for kids and some adults.

You can station some games around the room for appetizer hour, which will give your visitors an inclusive activity to concentrate on before dinner. Plan another break and have everyone write on a paper and pen their New Year’s resolutions.

Then, guess who wrote each one or buried them under your patio ground to uncover them the next year. Instead, of waiting for something to occur, you’ll have things to prop the party up throughout the night.

Don’t worry, get happy!

New Years Eve Party hat

While party hats, streamers, and accessories can seem tacky, it’s the opposite of New Year’s Eve. Get everybody involved for a group countdown by passing out hats, horns, sunglasses, and other accessories that will help give your party a festive vibe to the night.

New Year’s party items are simple to find and order online from party rentals company like ours. Thus, it will make for memorable photographs that you can upload to your favorite social media site.

If you’d prefer not to go all-out NYE for cost, get a little disco ball, sparklers, etc. Finish it with some fireworks for everyone to enjoy.


Alcohol and other beverages


Your guests will feel festive and welcome and doubtlessly have more fun if the drinks are plentiful and easily reachable. Set out champagnes for the hour of arrival and replenish bottles for refills around the time the ball drops.

Make a signature drink that you can serve from a big carafe and set out wine, beer, and glasses so your visitors can serve themselves. It’s critical to keep everyone hydrated, so make sure to give sufficient water. Self-serve stations can be better for local NYE parties to prevent crowds from gathering around a bar or in a specific room. By enabling visitors to serve themselves, they’ll be cheerful and a little drunk.

If you rather have professional serve the drinks then hire a bartender from 24 Hours Party Rentals at an hourly rate.

Plan Memorable Meals



Regardless if you want a sit-down dinner or a mega party, pick a menu that your visitors will remember for some time. A favorite NYE food of choice is fondue—for the main course or dessert. This will help get the group to bond over cooking and conversation.

If you don’t like fondue, pick a simple dip, appetizers, and, deserts that will enable you to appreciate the gathering without spending all your time in the kitchen. Everyone will approve an awesome chili or a family roast recipe, and it keeps the kitchen clean-up simple for everybody. Or, get a chocolate fountain machine rental from us and amazed your crowd with delicious melted chocolate.

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