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Wedding Rentals Miami Planners Top Nine Pre-Wedding Parties

Wedding Rentals Miami experts realize getting married isn’t as straightforward as movies make it seem.  Deciding to marry your groom implies you’re be doing more than a wedding reception and ceremony. If cash isn’t an impediment to your family and friends, you may celebrate nine unique parties, all meant to celebrate your wedding.

While all are exciting, hosting many parties is no simple job particularly because you’ll need many wedding supplies in Miami for each party. Here’s the inside scoop on what parties you’ll host, plan, and go to.


Engagement Party

engagement ring-engagement party 1

Couples hold an engagement party to celebrate the engagement. It is one of the first pre-wedding parties held in a couple’s honor. Your friends and family will be excited about your upcoming nuptials that they don’t want to wait until your wedding to celebrate. Couples also use an engagement party to announce the looming marriage with close friends and family. You don’t have to have an engagement party, but many couples will have one.

Traditionally, an engagement party is hosted by one family—either yours or the grooms. Also, other family members can host an engagement party. Often, couples end up having two engagement parties—one tossed by each side. Engagement parties aren’t significant unless the bride and groom are very popular. However, you’ll likely want to invite close relatives and friends. Know that anyone invited to your engagement party will expect a greeting to the wedding.

When does it happen? This pre-wedding party typically happens around three months after the engagement. You should send cards or emails at least a month before the party calendar. You can host the engagement party at many locations. Typically, hosted at the host’s home. However, it can likewise happen at a popular restaurant, bar, or even a special venue.


Bridal shower or couples’ shower

This party gets hosted closer to the wedding date for about two months to two weeks before the wedding. The bridal shower celebrates the bride and showers her with gifts. Nowadays, there are no particular rules regarding who should host this occasion. However, close lady friends or family of the bride normally host this woman only soiree. Many couples today celebrate this celebration with a couples’ shower, but they shouldn’t throw it themselves.

Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party

Wedding Rentals Miami -Bachelor party tips

Typically hosted by the groomsmen and the bridesmaids separately, the bachelor party and bridesmaid party occur one or two weeks before the wedding. The guest list should include same-sex members from the wedding party and any dear friend and family member (that can keep a secret).


Bridesmaid Luncheon and Groomsmen Luncheon

The day before or the day of the first significant wedding event, the lady of the hour and her bridesmaids, just as the groom and his groomsmen, go to a luncheon. The mid-day occasions typically occur around the same time but in various areas.

Traditionally, the wedding party guests celebrate these parties. However, modern couples are picking the bill considering the many expenses the guests have already covered.

Welcome Party

Welcome Party-three cocktail drinks

For couples hosting a destination wedding, they can start the week with a welcome party. This looks like a cocktail party that all wedding visitors can attend. The welcome party is hosted by the couple or by their folks, either the night before the wedding or two nights before the nuptials.


Rehearsal Dinner


Customarily hosted by the groom’s folks or by the couple. The rehearsal dinner happens a couple of nights before the wedding. For a small or local rehearsal dinner, the guest list may only include the wedding guests and close family.

For destination weddings, the warm environment means you can send the greeting out to all wedding visitors. This occasion gives an extraordinary chance for people to toast and to give speeches.


Wedding Rentals Miami -Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Wedding Rentals Miami- Wedding Ceremony


Anyone can host the wedding reception and ceremony. Either the bride and groom, parents or both sets of parents. Often, you can extend invitations to all visitors for both occasions, yet church wedding ceremonies may give an exemption depending on capacity limitations.



Wedding after party

With many venues closing early because of schedule and noise restrictions, the wedding after-party has become a popular party after the wedding. Hosted by the bride and groom or the wedding party guests, this post-reception continues after night.

And, mostly open to all wedding visitors to attend but more popular among the younger guests.

Day-After Brunch

Particularly popular for destination weddings since the day after the wedding offers an opportunity for visitors to bid farewell following a weekend of celebration. Typically, it’s set up as a buffet dinner in which visitors can come and go as they see fit.

The occasion takes place for about two or three hours and is informal. The brunch might be hosted by who hosted the wedding and any wedding guests can come. If you need some help please call our wedding rentals Miami planners so you can relax while we do the hard work.

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