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Planners realize everybody believes they know how to throw a party rental bar party; however, only a few know how to put up one. Planning a bar occasion takes commitment, attention to detail, and time.

Arranging a celebration is a dedication that demands an effort to provide an excellent experience. A significant part of any festival is your bar. If it’s a non-alcoholic or alcoholic party, follow these Party Rentals Miami pointers on establishing the items for your bar.

Size of Bar

Portable Bar Stand Rentals

The size of the bar depends on the extent of your occasion. For example, the guest list and the dimensions of the place, you’ll also need to figure out the foot traffic. Usually, for a significant event, you are going to require a bar large enough to fit all the various kinds of drinks.

For example, beer, alcohol, wine, and also the usual alcohol-free drinks you’ll serve your visitors. However, if you’re low on space, decreasing your bar menu could allow you to cut the bar size and help lower your budget.

Many Types of Party Rental Bars to Rent

many types of bars

If the bar area will have countless guests walking thru the area, then getting multiple bars is the right answer. Your bar’s placement needs to permit people to stand up without bumping into each other or tables and not disrupt the dance floor.

For significant events, you could think about having multiple bars so you won’t have your guest bumping and screaming to get their drinks. By renting multiple bars, you spread the guests around, allowing for a better flow of the occasion.

Types of bars:

  • Wooden pine
  • Bar on wheels
  • White mobile bar
  • Skirted
  • Wine barrel
  • Serpentine
  • Semi-circle

Preparing the Party Bar for Your Party

Many kinds of party bars demand the rental of different products. You could start by leasing tables to set the party bar. Chair and table rental providers will have many types of tables to pick from and are usually cheap too. Also, you may elect portable bar stands to help you organize and handle the beverages more efficiently.

You could also pick the rectangle tables, which may assist the pub in managing stock behind the pub, and it creates a barrier in the front too. Moreover, select the tables that give your guests space to place their food and beverages and to delight in chatter.

Most drinkers don’t like to carry around an empty glass, so it’ll be a great idea to provide your visitors a place to rest their drink so they can focus on the celebration. Please, make sure that you put dustbins close to the tables.

Glassware Rentals


Conventional cocktail glasses incorporate highball and classic or rocks. However, many brand-new cocktail fashion glassware is becoming more common. Specialty cocktails are a favorite for weddings and parties.

Fun glasses for all these drinks could vary from stemless martini to stemless wine glasses to traditional shot glasses. We are sure to have a glass that can match your needs!

  • Water: Stemless wine, water goblet Highball, highball, wine of all types
  • Cocktails: Highball, rocks, martini, stemless martini, margarita
  • Beer: Pilsner
  • Champagne: Flute
  • Wine: Stemless Wine, White Wine, Red Wine, Crystal Bordeaux
  • Liquor: Vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, bourbon, and rum
  • Wine & Champagne: A case of champagne or wine includes 12 bottles. Each one will serve about four to six glasses.
  • Punch: Approximately 24 individuals are served one gallon of punch.
  • Coffee: One pound of coffee returns roughly 60 cups.

Rent from your Local Bar Party Rental Provider

Regardless of the type of occasion, the size, or the area, we have an expansive stock of rental items, including party rental bars and tables, to meet your event’s demand. Our party experts will steer you through each step, helping you make the correct decisions.

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