Party Rental Items You Can’t Live Without

Every occasion needs party rental items such as chairs and tables, but these things don’t have to be boring. Adding imagination and variety when renting the best party supplies is a simple method to improve your event design and make your party stick out!

At 24 Hours Party Rental, you will discover a range of cocktail tables, benches, wooden farm tables, plus specialty tables. You will find what you’re looking for with many heights, shapes, and types. However, chairs are as crucial since guests can’t stand all day.

So let us discuss some types of event chairs and tables:

Event Table Rental Items

tables rental items

You could think the event tables and chairs aren’t as essential as other things. But it’s wrong to believe that table selection for your occasion will help impact the appearance of the overall party.

  • The trick is in the details, as picking a very long rectangular table suggests you’re throwing a casual occasion. Usually, people use rectangular tables for family picnics or large barbecues. You could line them up alongside each other for better organization or arrange them into longer rectangles.
  • Roundtables suggest that dinner, occasion, or wedding is much more formal. They allow guests to be seated together for social engagement because it’s simple to talk to everyone. Also, there are no corners to a roundtable, making for more space so individuals can walk around and get to their seats. A roundtable is appropriate for a formal-style lounge area too.
  • Cocktail tables are excellent close to the bar and used for events that don’t require a full dinner but only drinks and small foods. Furthermore, it’s used at the start of a formal occasion for sandwiches and cocktails before your visitors proceed to another room with a more formal arrangement.

Don’t Overlook the Party Rental Chairs!


Well, tables without seats are unheard of, so it’s essential to match the chairs to the tables you picked to set the tone of the occasion. Now you could have fun with seats and can add design and color to your event! So let’s check out a few types of chair rentals:

  1. Chiavari chairs are the standard for elegant occasions. Yes, you have seen them at Academy Award-winning banquets or Grammy awards since Chiavari chairs help make an appearance that’s hard to replicate with other chair choices. However, part of the Chiavari chair’s achievement isn’t merely because of appearances but owing to its stack-ability and narrow footprint, making it perfect for event chair rental businesses. Now, customers have more options than ever with the launch of resin and aluminum Chiavari chairs.
  2.  Manufacturers produce folding seats from plastic, metal, wood, or high-strength resin. They’re easy to stack, simple to wash, and more affordable. Also, arrive in many colors! Metal folding chairs are constructed for endurance and strength, while some folding chairs are made from wood. Event planners typically use folding chairs where permanent seating isn’t practical or possible. For example, it included events like card games, school graduations, church services, birthday parties, and funerals.

24 Hours has the Best Party Rental Items and Services!

Yes, since we love weddings, celebrations, BBQs, and other events. Our staff will provide the best service to fulfill your necessities, large or small, intimate or corporate, inside or outside.

We’re meticulous regarding detail, and you won’t miss a thing with us! So you won’t just save money and time, but we will ensure that everything goes fruitfully without missing any details.

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