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Party Rental Items You Can’t Live Without

Every occasion needs party rentals items such as chairs and tables, but these things don’t have to be boring. Adding imagination and variety when picking these items is a simple method to improve your event design and make your event stick out! At 24 Hours Party Rental, you will discover a range of cocktail tables, [...]

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Need a Party Venue, Don’t Sign Yet Without A Party Rental!

Need a Party Venue, Don't Sign Yet Without A Party Rental! You need a party venue, and we know party planning any occasion takes a great deal of decision-making so 24 Hours Party Rentals Miami will give you some tips before you sign any contract. However, one of the most challenging choices is picking the [...]

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Who is 24 Hours Party Rentals? 

Who is 24 Hours Party Rentals? 24 Hours Party Rental Miami is a company that provides recreational services in line with event rental services. The company had its humble start in 2000. Yes, we have been active in the industry for more than fifteen years. At 24 Hours Party Rental, we acknowledge that our biggest asset [...]

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Party Rentals Miami: Sky’s the Limit!

Party Rentals Miami: Sky's the Limit! Established in 2000, and if you want more than a "run-of-the-mill" party, 24 Hours Party Rental can give your son or daughter the party extravaganza you had always hoped. Our party rentals Miami company has everything you need. Ever wished you could find a water slide rentals Miami company? [...]

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Party Planning: Bounce House Rental Miami and Bounce House Broward

If you're looking for a quality bounce house Broward County or a bounce house rental Miami, Florida, contact 24 Hours Party Rental. Established in 2000, 24 Hours Party Rental has the experience and expertise to assist you in turning an average party into an epic event. One challenge parents and even professional event planners struggle [...]

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Bounce House Rental Miami For Fun 24 Hours Party

Bounce House Rental Miami People love attending a good party. Adults as well as kids enjoy jumping and bouncing on party favors from Bounce House Rental Miami. This is the one stop shopping venue for all party needs. From small parties to large extravaganzas, there is no other place that can provide as many services [...]

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Make 24 Hours Party Your Top Choice for your Miami Party Rental Needs!

  Whether you are preparing for an anniversary celebration or looking to impress your kids with a fun, engaging experience, 24 Hours Party Rental in Miami, FL, has everything you'll need to make your even even more memorable. From festivals and birthdays to company events and family gatherings, we provide Miami party rental services for [...]

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 Baby Shower Event Planner in Miami

 When planning a Baby Shower Because the months before and after the birth of a baby can be agitated, in the first step of the planning process should discuss the date with the mother. Weekends or during the week. Saturdays and Sundays are preferred for baby showers, especially in the afternoon. Weekdays are ideal for office [...]

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First Birthday Ideas in Miami

Comes the first baby birthday and the best is giving a good party to celebrate with family, a colorful decor and friends and, of course, a cake adapted to the 12 months of the child.   It has already passed the first year of the baby and approaches his first birthday party. Usually a social [...]

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