Popcorn and Popcorn Machine Rental History

Popcorn machine rental history has not been as advantageous to make as it is currently. Today, with popcorn machine rentals, this tasty snack is ready to eat in a couple of minutes. Popcorn has left the past of campfires and street vendors to the simplicity of making it in your home.

Popcorn machines aren’t new either they have over 4 000 years of history and have developed impressively since their early stages. These machines presently use electricity to heat oil or air to warm, vast amounts of corn kernel at once. Furthermore, you can even make popcorn in the microwave for a quick snack. The earliest popcorn machines don’t look like anything as they do now.

Usually, they come in many sizes and purposes, both business and residential use with a wide range of flavors and varieties of popcorn. So, how did we get popcorn to be part of our favorite snacks? We’re about to find out:

Stone Age Snack


Archeologists have discovered 80,000-year-old corn pollen underneath Mexico City. Since the fossilized corn is almost equivalent to present-day popcorn pollen, researchers think that cave people ate ancient popcorn.

Time of Fossils

The oldest popcorn was found in the Bat Cave of New Mexico. It is believed to be around 5,600 years of age. Archeologists discovered ancient kernels of popcorn in tombs in Peru that are well-preserved that experts think they can still pop.

At times, conditions can preserve old popcorn so flawlessly that even today looks fluffy and white when the dust gets brushed off it. In a southern Utah cave, scientists found shockingly fresh-looking 1,000-year-old popcorn.

Popcorn was a significant part of life in the ancient Americas. On a 1,700-year-old painted funeral urn found in Mexico, a corn god is seen wearing a headdress of popcorn.

Europeans Discovery

Corn On The Cob

Europeans discovered popcorn from Native Americans when Cortes invaded Mexico, and when Columbus landed in the West Indies. Both observed locals eating popcorn and utilizing it in necklaces and hats.

Local Native Americans brought a sack of popped corn to the first Thanksgiving. A typical method to eat popcorn back then was to hold an oiled ear on a stick over the flame, then chew parts off it. Also, some Native Americas made popcorn beer and made popcorn soup.

In the wake of finding out about popcorn, colonists started using it in breakfast cereal—a bowl of popcorn served with milk.

Popcorn and Americans

Popcorn was prominent in the United States from the late nineteenth century through the middle of the twentieth century. It was accessible in parks, from street vendors, and, near theaters.

During World War II, when sugar was limited, Americans changed their eating habits—they ate more popcorn than before. Maybe the most loved spot to eat popcorn was at the movies; however, when TV took off during the 1950s, popcorn sales dropped for some time.

Today, the American people eat about 70 quarts of popcorn a year. However, the United States isn’t only a place where they love to eat popcorn, but it’s the place where people also produce popcorn. The majority of Americans presently get its popcorn from Nebraska and Indiana.


A popcorn kernel is a seed, and like seeds, inside it has a small plant embryo. The embryo is surrounded by soft, starchy material that would give the embryo energy for developing into a plant. A hard glossy shell safeguards the outside of the seed.

The soft starchy material holds water. So, when the kernel gets heated to high heat (400 degrees F), the water inside the kernel transforms into steam. The pressure from the steam makes the kernel detonate. The soft starch inside blasts out at more than forty times its size, turning the seed inside out.

The perfect popcorn kernel contains around 14 percent moisture. When the popcorn is a lot drier, it won’t pop. Popcorn kernel needs to be kept in a tightly sealed container so they won’t dry out.

From Movies to Microwaves

popcorn machine rental history

Albeit a few ways for popping corn had been acquired, the first business popcorn machine was invented in Chicago by Charles Cretors in 1885. The device was mobile to enable it to roam the streets and had a gas burner. The prominence of these road popcorn vendors developed at around a similar time that motion pictures came onto the scene.

The mobile popcorn vendors could frequently be found close to the crowds, particularly outside of theaters. This luck brought forth the tradition of popcorn being a most loved movie snack. You see the popcorn machine rental history has much to be thankful for today.


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