5 Outdoor Wedding Tips and Weather Considerations

Our 5 outdoor wedding tips can prevent a calamity as lousy climate conditions like rain or wind can ruin your big day. Yes, outside weddings are fantastic! From windy coastlines to beautiful gardens, there is something so heartfelt about experiencing the beauty of the outdoors on your special day. 

However, even for experienced wedding planners near me is difficult to pull off as it may be a tremendously logistic headache, particularly in Florida! But, if you have your heart set on a dazzling outside celebration, consider using these expert wedding rentals in Miami, Florida hints to help you fight the many seen and unanticipated external factors. 

Outdoor Wedding Weather Considerations 

How will your site look like on your wedding date? How is the climate during the season you expect the nuptials? What is the average temperature? High chance of rain, wind, or other climate conditions to know about, like hail? Ensure picking a date for your wedding whenever you’ll have the best weather. 

For an outside ceremony, think about throwing the celebration in the evening when the weather is hot, humid, and sunny. Moreover, sort out where the sun will set at your site and at what time. Angle your ceremony toward a direction that will favor the natural light yet won’t leave your visitor’s blind glazing into the sun. 

Picking the correct positioning and timing with the sunset ensures you’ll have lovely photographs of your big day. If insects could be an issue, consider paying a bug spraying service before the occasion or have burn citronella torches to ward off insects. 

Renting a Backup Tent is a Perfect Outdoor Wedding Tips

wedding frame outdoor event tent rentals

A backup tent is a good option for light to moderate rain storms. Heavy rain will soak the ground below, leaving guests with soggy and muddy shoes. If you expect long stretches of rain, consider adding sidewalls so your guests, food, and equipment can stay dry no matter the type of rain. Ensure the tent you lease is robust, so it doesn’t flip over during high winds, and that it has the proper tie-downs. 

Tables and Chair Rentals, Chiavari, and Furniture

gold wedding chiavari chair rentals

You’ll require tables and chairs for your guests to dine and relax and rows of seats for the ceremony. If you have a short casual ceremony, you can select to forego the ceremony seating. However, have some chairs for any old, disable, or pregnant wedding visitors. Another alternative that gives a more bohemian feel is sofas, lounge, and some pillows. Allow visitors to relax in style with these pleasant choices. 

A few types of wedding chair rentals are hot for an outside wedding. One chair is the Chiavari chairs in gold or silver or acrylic seats. If you want a modern or contemporary wedding look, pick acrylic seats that look clean and trendy. However, If you want more of a classic look, Chiavari chair rentals are for you. 

Decorative Tablecloths

Tablecloths, colorful cloth napkins, and seat covers will add class to your outside wedding. Ensure to have enough dishes, glassware, and flatware to serve all of your visitors. These items in bold colors and patterns will make a statement about your style at your outside wedding. 

It will carry your decorations to the next level. With many available options, you can easily track down the correct linens to suit your wedding tastes. 

Dance Floor, Lighting, and Sound System 

portable dance floor rentals

Lease a dance floor so you and your visitors can dance! Ensure to check local noise restriction ordinances in advance and make a point to follow those rules. Remember, with no inside walls to reflect sound; visitors can easily hear the vows at the ceremony or toasts at the reception. 

Mics and an optimized sound system ensure everybody can hear the vows and their conversations without screaming. If the party extends into the night hours, you’ll need some kind of lighting. Many styles of lighting exist that can fit your wedding style. 

Portable Restrooms 

You may need to lease portable restrooms for an outside occasion unless the site has toilets nearby. You don’t want people waiting in a long line for the bathroom or have your male visitors peeing on nearby trees. 

So, have enough restrooms to cover your visitors.

Brides.com recommends you provide three to four restrooms for ladies and three restrooms for men for a 150 wedding guest count. That works out to be about one restroom for every 25 visitors.

Electrical System and Generators

RYOBI Generator rental

Ensure you have sufficient power to power your lighting and sound, including electrical extensions and generators if necessary. Ask your caterer or team if they will require on-site power to provide electricity to any gear. Well, hopefully, you follow our outdoor wedding tips and ensure the best wedding ever!

Consider hiring more than one generator for a significant wedding, so you have enough energy for all staff and equipment.

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