Best Chair and Equipment Rentals for Events

Party Rentals Coral Terrace planners realized after reviewing many authentic wedding and event photographs daily that your chair and equipment rentals matter. If you use the chairs from the venue or lease a party rental, your furniture could break or make your event. The best chairs can be used for weddings, classic events, or top business meetings.

What about the budget? Yes, it costs to lease classy seats, but we think it’s worth the investment. The truth, we would argue that it is imperative to save somewhere else, such as the decor, then picking cheaper chairs. But, trust us, an update from plastic folding chairs can make all the difference on the planet for a wedding or top event.

Let’s take a look at the types of chairs and equipment rentals for events:

Ghost Chair Rentals

Ghost seats are created by injecting polycarbonate into a mold. The unbelievable layout has no junctions or seams, merely a continuous form. The most popular chairs would be the Louis ghost chairs manufactured with no color, thus the title “ghost chair.”

You have probably seen these acrylic seats before. These chairs remain popular today in weddings and also home decor too! These seats add a contemporary superiority to any room; nevertheless, they also mix with the environment.

Chiavari Chair Rentals

Gold chiavari chairs

The Chiavari chairs also called Tiffany’s seats, are Liguria’s wooden seats. The Chiavari was made in 1807 by a cabinetmaker from Chiavari about the northwestern Italian shore, Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi.

Many event planners and catering businesses worldwide love the elegant look and lightness of these seats and their convenient stackability.

Cross-Back Chairs

The wooden kinds of cross-backs remain famous for rustic weddings. However, the design has stayed versatile, so they look good at home or at a backyard wedding.

Folding Chair Rentals

folding chair rentals

Folding seat rentals are often less costly, but it does not mean they appear cheap. These chairs give the best options for almost any indoor or outdoor event. These events may be presentations, meetings, get-togethers, concerts, and home parties. These folding chairs work and function well and are straightforward to use. The many kinds of folding chair rentals also help with the options.

It means you can pick a folding seat that best matches the shape and size of the person’s body. Also, you’ll see that most of the foldable chairs come from materials that resist fluid. So now, the folding chair comes in hard plastic, metal, and wood.

The materials employed for folding seats won’t be damaged by unpleasant weather conditions or accidental spills. Furthermore, due to the exceptionally inexpensive price tag of folding chairs on the current marketplace, it’s not hard for you to get them in bulk to accommodate a large number of attendees anytime you’re organizing a wedding or event, or merely purchasing them for home family time.

Marais Chairs

Marais seats are modern metallic pieces with wide back panels. The standard version is friendly, or you could paint them for added customization.

Bentwood Chairs

bentwood equipment rentals

Bentwood chairs have been famous for their round backs, making them a comfortable seating choice. Also, they are usually thin, which matches nicely at tables.


Many event planners are deciding to include furniture like sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables for indoor and outdoor occasions.

Choose pieces that match the colors of the event topic and mix and match different textures for visual appeal. Furniture could also include dance floors, stages, and other entertainment items.

Equipment Rentals-Tables

equipment table rentals

Significant round-top or rectangular tables are ideal for formal dinners or seated occasions. However, events like corporate meetings could encourage socializing, so assemble a room with cocktail tables.

Less formal occasions can use communal chairs and tables for the guests. The option often varies based on the selected site, so it’s better to create a floor plan first.

So, now you know why the chair and equipment rentals you choose for your event matter.

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