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The Best Birthday Party Favor Ideas


There’s quite some planning that goes into throwing your child’s birthday party in Miami, and it can frequently feel overwhelming particularly if you have no experience. From picking the ideal birthday party invites for children, party supplies, and, finding gift ideas for the birthday kid, you’ll want everything to go smoothly.

Perhaps the most ideal approach to guarantee that your child’s gathering is the talk of the school is to send everyone off with the perfect party favor. However, if your stress to find the correct idea, Miami Party Rentals specialists have you covered with our top picks for party favors for children.

Gift cards

Hosting the birthday gathering at an ice cream parlor? Send each child home with a coupon for a free ice cream cone on their following visit. A similar idea applies to cinemas, indoor sports like skating, arcades, and bowling alleys.

A few businesses may even toss in a gift card as a feature of your party package, so ask for their group specials. It is an incredible way to help local businesses, as well—so consider giving out gift cards from a local toy store or restaurant.

Seasonal gifts

When thinking of new ideas for favors, it can truly help if you synchronize with the seasons. If you’re throwing a winter party, consider assembling a winter survival pack—loaded with cold climate items like hot cocoa, warm mittens, hats, scarfs, or headbands. For a spring gathering, add some beautiful walkway chalk for the guests.

Throwing a summer party, then think of daylight features: beach sandals, a large beach towel, funny sunglasses, and, sunscreen to protect your guests from the sun’s rays. Now, for fall, help parents out with some back-to-school supplies such as a lunch box with pens, pencils, erasers, and a notepad.

S’mores to-go

s'mores-outdoor camping

Rather than attempting to tinker with Tupperware or wrapping plates of cupcakes, why not make it fun with summer treats? Package S’ mores unit’s kit with graham crackers, a chocolate bar, a few marshmallows, and a skewer.

Send your visitors home with a fun and delicious food favor. S’mores are incredible for outdoors or outside themed birthday slams and will help motivate your visitors to have a real mini-camp experience.


Ballpark Bags

Hosting a baseball-or softball-themed get-together? Keep the party swinging by assembling customized bags loaded up with a Cracker Jack, temporary tattoos, gum, sunflower seeds, and baseball card packs from the baseball shop.

Ideal for your little sluggers and their friends, these packs are a hit, particularly during Little League seasons and MLB baseball season. Tie the bags up with a ribbon of the baseball team that the birthday kid likes and make name labels that resemble baseball cards.


Art bundles

art watercolors

This idea is ideal for any child hoping to get some art experience throughout the summer. A cool and simple approach to assist children to use their creative talents and their artistic strength, art packages are easy to make and amusing to create.

You may package crayons and color pencils with notepads, coloring books, watercolor sets, and stickers, and watch the kids go through hours of drawing works of art. Often you will get a decorated fridge, however, it’s justified when you see how much fun they’re having.


Explorer Goodie Bag

Support children’s interest in the outdoors with these kits — and ensure you toss in some plastic bugs or insects for them to watch. It probably won’t bode well if they get back home bearing genuine, live bugs but often young kids like to explore.


Other party favors for girls

Colorful bracelets

For young ladies, the party favor ideas are endless. If you’re assembling bags for young ladies, you can include:


  • Pinwheels
  • Colorful Bracelets
  • Mini notebooks
  • Little stuffed bears
  • Small manicure kit
  • Lip gloss
  • Small perfumes
  • Paper fans
  • Novelty pens and pencils
  • Art and crafts
  • Body sparkle


Other party favors for boys



Frequently, buying party favors for boys is both simpler and difficult than young ladies. Once in awhile toning it down would be best for young men. Maybe a gift card to the nearby bowling alley or small toy can be much better than a bag full of stuff they probably would never touch.


  • Small vinyl footballs
  • Water guns
  • Little rubber balls
  • Small flashlights
  • Comic books
  • Keychains
  • Jacks
  • Marbles
  • Gift cards for mini-golf, bowling, cinemas, arcades, ice cream parlor


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