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Office Party Rental Ideas!

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Planning an office party, with a party rental Miami company does not necessarily mean that it has to be for the holidays. It also can be for a company anniversary, and you’ve put in charge. Well, guess what? Your boss wants it to be something extraordinary and something that all your co-workers will remember. 

The pressure starts to build you are getting nerves because you have no idea where to start. Well, it’s a good thing that we are here for you. In this article, we are going to give you some fantastic tips so you can plan an even more fantastic party.

Pick a Party Theme


If you want this party to be a memorable one start thinking about a theme, even a margarita drink-and-catering party can be a lot more fun when everyone is wearing things like Hawaiian leis or masquerade masks. You can be very creative about this, (just be careful and make sure it won’t raise any eyebrows in HR) Here are some ideas:

–    Decorate your venue like a fun getaway, something like a tropical resort or Alpine cabin.

–    Throw a winter wonderland party white décor, fake snow, and twinkling lights.

–    Choose a color theme; a black and white party is sweet a simple as well as classy, and this way people can dress up.

Give outdoor prizes- This is a great way to welcome and who let’s be honest who doesn’t like receiving prizes? About what to give out, this depends all on the budget that you’re working with. Here are a few tried-and-true ideas:

–    Give out a paid day off

–    Tech gadgets- 

–    Fancy chocolate fountain or candy

–    Coffee mugs- fill with goodies like candy

–    Sport event tickets or theater

Party Event Office Games


Break the ice with fun activities (this is great for holidays) Party games are a lot of fun, and some adults are hesitant to play because they think that games are for kids only, nonsense. There are many fun activities that you can do that are a great ice breaker. Activities that require working together are especially suitable for building a sense of team spirit. Take a look at some ideas:

–    Do a scavenger hunt, divide your guests into teams and off they go.

–    Play holiday-themed charades.

–    Set up a table where guests can do their ornament and cookie decoration.

Rent a Party Event Company

Having a great party is the ultimate ideal to get to know your peers. Why not prove it with some photos. Motivate or encourage your co-workers to make their own Kodak moments by setting up a photo booth for the party. If you’re working on a tight budget this is a great idea, so improvise by making your own. Doing a creative backdrop by decorating a piece of butcher paper or even a white sheet. Be creative and do an excellent job, you can also give out a prize to the person that has the best photo booth. (this will motivate them to do an even better job) ideas.

Giving back to the community– I think that this is the most important way to have a fantastic party or event. Put a charitable spin on your holiday party by using it as an opportunity to help other people out. Ask your co-worker to bring in non-perishable food for the food bank or even toys for needy kids are great. You can also go to a shelter and help out in a soup kitchen, or use a service like VolunteerMatch to find another opportunity near you. Your team will feel awesome and afterward you can go to the party or dinner whatever is on the itinerary.  


Ok, party organizers here you have a few ideas to consider next time you want to plan a great office party, please read part two of this article so you can get more ideas. Good luck! 


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