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Top Types of Wedding Chair Rentals

One detail that can affect is the type of wedding chair rentals in Miami you chose for your wedding theme.

Event chairs can be categorized into two major types. Those made for indoor occasions are mostly called banquet chairs. These are lightweight, sturdy, four-legged, stackable or folding seat without any armrests used to give short time seating to events like banquets.

The second type of occasion seat is intended for outdoor events and is collapsible, with amazingly short legs and mostly made of canvas. How about party rentals in Miami planners show you some types of wedding seats:

Outdoor Event Chair

Outdoor event chairs are often mistaken for Director’s Chairs. It’s a typical mix-up, although both are collapsible and portable, the Event Chair sits exceptionally low to the ground, and frequently has comfort features like cup holders.

The Director’s Chair has longer legs, giving the Director a superior perspective on the environment, which is valuable when overseeing filming. Outdoor event chairs are designed to be incredibly portable, produced using lightweight aluminum and canvas so, visitors can carry their seats to outside occasions.

Banquet Chair (Chiavari Chair)

Chiavari chair rentals

Of all the kinds of wedding seats accessible, the Banquet Chair is the most regularly utilized for weddings. The Chiavari chairs trace its roots back to Renaissance Italy. They’re straightforward, straight-backed seats intended for large scale manufacturing that you can stack for storage when not used.

Most provide padding just on the seat itself, even though it is conceivable to discover Banquet Chairs with a minimal amount of cushioning in the seatback.

Bentwood Café Chair

These seats give a laid-back elegance and add character and style to any occasion. In contrast to the different kinds of chairs utilized at weddings, this isn’t one you’ll want to cover. They’re significantly classy or stylish by themselves!

These chairs are incredible for seating if you intend to have an outside wedding at a farm, garden or vineyard.

Chameleon Chair

These straightforward metal-framed seats are usually seen in their native (uncovered) form since they’re specially made to be hung in fabric or covered. There are many kinds of wedding seat covers you can utilize on chameleon chairs including, Lycra covers, Chiavari covers, scuba covers, satin covers, universal covers, and, polyester covers.

Cross-back Chair

wooden-crossback-chairs at 24 Hours Party Rentals in Miami

No matter the type of seats utilized at weddings, wedding planners and brides use cross-back chairs for outside reception or ceremony at a homestead, garden, or vineyard. Their Tuscan-inspired styling, wood finish, and cross-back design add a rustic style feel to the occasion.

English Garden Chair

These wrought iron seats are dazzling, but likewise challenging to find. A couple of vintage furniture vendors offer them for purchase, yet it isn’t ordinary as these seats get leased for weddings. Unless you have a significant budget or a small budget for selective service, it may be challenging to secure them.

Folding Lawn Chair

Folding wood chairs

The upscale folding lawn chair is made of wood and features some amount of seat padding. The cheap ones come in aluminum-framed, polyester-covered folding chairs.

However, if you’re in a pinch, you could utilize the economical lawn chairs referenced above, and you could also use a universal type of seat covering.

Ghost Chair

ghost-chair 24 hours Party Rental Miami

These chairs offer much fun, and you may need some for entertainment at home too. They featured a modern style and made of clear lucite or acrylic, which makes them invisible. Therefore, from first glance, it would seem that your visitors are seated on air.

When you want to profit from their appearance, modern styling, you can get ghost chairs in an assortment of translucent tints. However, it would wreck the fantasy offered by clear models.

Marais Chair

These French-inspired, steel-framed bistro seats offer a contemporary, modern look. Ordinarily, they come in metallic colors, but you can find them in many other types of color choices.

Slotted Chair

Like wooden lawn chairs, these highlight a metal folding frame and wood slats on the seat and seatback. They’re ideal for casual themed outside weddings. If you desire, you can undoubtedly include a splash of color by getting an assortment of colored seat pads.

4 Reasons Chiavari Wedding Chair Rentals are a favorite

gold wedding chiavari chair rentals

  • Design

The design of the Chiavari chair is both alluring and versatile. The featured multiple rungs provide many functions and design benefits. A more open and welcoming back permits you to achieve an outside vibe at your reception or ceremony.

The rungs permit your visitors to see through them to the lovely tablescape and flower arrangements. Both floral and tablescape are things of your wedding that you want to show, not hide them behind the bulky closed off seats. Also, the rungs permit a limitless in creativity in sashes, covers, or wedding signs that you wish to tie to the back of the chairs.

  • Affordability

There are many party chair rentals and you may find that Chiavari chairs prices vary in cost and quality. However, manufacturers don’t make all Chiavari chairs the same!

  • High-Quality Construction

silver Chiavari chair rental

Miami Chiavari wedding chair rentals are both lightweight and sturdy. Usually, it’s difficult to achieve both sturdy and light regarding a quality seat. While manufacturers make Chiavari chairs of wood, a popular material today is resin.

High-quality chairs are made of sanded hardwood and reinforced with steel tubing to guarantee the chairs keep their structure through various uses. The development of the steel core increases the chair’s life span and hence it’s ROI.

  • Flexibility

The beauty of the Chiavari chair makes it one of the best and versatile seats ever made. It transitions well from wedding ceremony to reception with no issue or style change. Often, the Chiavari chair’s striking appearance all alone permits you to skip the requirement for chair covers. Perhaps the best advantage of the Chiavari chair is its stackability allowing simple storage after your occasion.

Many types of Chiavari chair rentals

chiavari mahogany chair

The growth of Chiavari chairs has made many happy brides and wedding planners in Miami. Today, there are many colors and materials accessible, permitting you to find the one that best matches your wedding theme. From white to natural wood, to gold, and even bold color options, you will find the right Chiavari chair rentals for your wedding or classy occasion.

Contact 24 Hours Party Rentals today to rent your party chairs, or to talk with one of our agents about a chair and table rental package!

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