Types of Event Furniture Rentals

If you know what you need, event furniture rentals are relatively straightforward. However, if you don’t, you can find it challenging to do the party rentals planning process.

While different occasions necessitate different kinds of rental furniture and décor, most gatherings demand a few essentials. So, for your future celebration, let’s look at the various event furniture rentals available.

Types of Table Rentals of Furniture


Cocktail tables, round or rectangular tables, and more are the available table rentals in Miami, FL. Make a layout that makes the most of the open floor space.

Cocktail tables

These look fantastic when placed around the dance floor or bar area. Before you relocate the guests to another room, you might also set out drinks and snacks on them.

Cocktail tables are perfect for various uses because they come in many sizes and heights. 

Round tables

Weddings, anniversaries, charity events, and other formal gatherings frequently feature round tables and linens. Their appeal lies in accommodating big groups and promoting close interaction.

If you’re hosting an event with a guest speaker, you should professionally arrange the tables. For example, remove a few seats from the round table to prevent guests from facing the stage.

Round tables are available in many sizes and heights.

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables suggest your event is informal. Birthday celebrations, picnics, family reunions, and sporting events frequently feature these tables. Additionally, they are great at serving buffets.

Depending on your event, you can arrange them however you choose. For example, you can arrange rectangular table rentals in long rows, long rectangles, or lined up next to each other.

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Types of Event Chair Rentals 

Chiavari chairs & furniture rentals for events

To match the table floor design, select matching chair rentals in Miami

Folding chairs

Metal and wood are typical materials for folding chairs. Their uses are endless. They fold up quickly, making them portable to any location. Wooden folding chair rentals are perfect for a concert event, graduation ceremony, or wedding reception.

Aluminum chairs

Aluminum chairs are everywhere, from outdoor weddings to open-air concerts. They are portable and light in weight.

Plastic chairs

Leasing plastic chairs rather than other types of chairs for a significant event will save you money. These seats are excellent, portable, and cozy. Plastic chairs are also available in contemporary designs and hues. However, they aren’t as sturdy as metal and wood chairs.

Hybrid chairs

If you want more comfortable seating, consider leasing chairs with plastic seats, backs, and metal frames. These hybrid seats are easier to use than all-metal chairs. In addition, hybrid chairs may better conform to a person’s body since they are more flexible.

Chiavari chairs

Chiavari chairs have replaced the most conventional chairs as one of the best seating options for special events like weddingsThey are suitable for entertainment events and have become more prevalent for weddings and corporate gatherings.

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Types of Furniture Elegant Seating Alternatives

Furniture lounge rentals

You could require more seating at your event in addition to the typical tables and chairs. While adding aesthetics, couches, armchairs, and event furniture rental give attendees comfortable, relaxing places. For corporate and business events, look for colors that go well with your party’s theme or brand.

Soft furniture seating rentals provide attendees much more comfort, regardless of your event type. You may set the mood and style you desire for your event by picking the correct sofas, chairs, and other comfortable seats.

Using the appropriate sofa set up with tables may allow you to build a setting that mixes collaboration with modern comfort and sophistication.

Consider conference-type tables, which provide a strong sense of style while enabling groups to collaborate and communicate clearly.

Look for tables that can be customized and adjusted to your needs and the benefit of charged tables that let attendees of events charge their devices. 

Additionally, there are furniture rentals that let you move the celebration outside.

LED Cube Seat Rentals 

LED Cube Seats furniture Rentals

Lumaform LED cube seats are perfect for you when you want to design a unique event environment.  These are adaptable and can be utilized as lighting cubes throughout your venue or as seating. You may even try to coordinate the LED hue with your brand’s emblem for business occasions! A lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can be found inside the seat has an 8-hour capacity when fully charged. 

The battery charger and remote control with each cube seat let you choose your color, such as red, green, or blue. In addition, the cube can be set to one or several alternate colors regularly. What more effective method to draw attention than LED furniture?

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