Celebrate your Grandfathers Birthday in a Seniors Party!

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Celebrate your Grandfathers Birthday in a Seniors Party!

In this post I will try to convince you of the importance of doing something extra special, and this is also true for weddings silver and gold and even the birthday of his grandfather. Is not only the number change is also the grandmother birthday, grandma and is worth the effort to make a party that is level.

You’re already convinced, well! I tell you. Not worth with a gift, a photo booklet and a lunch or snack. We’re meeting that was going to be a super special celebration. It is his super birthday.

Things that can not miss!

There are some things that I think not argue and have to be done.

The speech, a few words of all

Yes or yes.

They are words and if they are together, the better. We are not used to saying what we want or we give thanks for moments of life that deserved. As our parents and grandparents are seems not necessary.

Remember that this is a tribute to a very important person. Take what you want to tell him how grateful you are, what specific things you value her for her life. Recall moments of your life by giving them the value they deserve. You can also get some funny memories in between and you do emotional and funny at the same time.

Ideally, this preparation and each carry a sentence. A paper with all written sentences and the name of each ahead and so everyone knows their sentence and when they have to say it.



You have to decorate if or if

and I will propose some details that apply to home and restaurant.


Pompoms decorating far are great, adorn much, are cheap, you can even make, they are hyper monkeys and the girls we love so Grandma too.

Posters – Suffice with a sign of welcome to grandma birthday and some on the table or tables. A wreath with his name. Dan charm.


Brooches for girls where you put Grandma’s birthday. I tell delighted as beams in a jiffy.

The custom menu, where dishes are related to name them with jokes and / or those of the grandmother of all life … if you get sure you can think of.

And finally the seating which I think is important in this case.

I think you have to toggle boy and girl and this is not so important to lay people by affinities because it is not day to solve the world and talk about our book. It is a day for everyone is the same and so you get it. Here it would be well placed to grandma or grandparents in the middle or header, after children right in front, another political family, grandchildren and other brothers on the other. It might look good in every area of the table or tables sector. You choose how, but do it. This is the yes or yes.




His life in pictures

Instead of the typical album, also, I propose something else

To summarize his life with photos but using cardboards with collage. His childhood, adolescence (here you can get some grace about suitors) even invented to make her laugh and protest, when she met your father, courtship, their jobs, their life together, travel …. It goes a long way. Perhaps they could also do the older grandchildren.


A lot of life. You can sit her posing in front and you go with it. You can do it with a picture of her current or also when  he was young, one that she likes a lot. Anything goes.


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