The Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Planning an adult birthday party can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Whether you are celebrating your own milestone birthday or throwing a surprise for someone else, there are many things that you need to consider before the big day arrives. 

From selecting the right venue and menu to finding fun activities (and even deciding on an appropriate theme), we have all of the information you will need to throw a successful event. 

This blog post is intended for people who want some party ideas for adults or may not know where to start with planning one.


Top Adult Party Rental Checklist Needed


  • Invitations
  • Theme Party
  • Tables and Chair Rentals
  • Food and beverages
  • Margarita Machine Rental
  • Balloon Party Rentals
  • Cake
  • Adult Party Invitations


The first thing your adult birthday party needs is guests, and the best way is to invite them by sending them party invitations.

You can send RSIVP for a significant bash or send emails for a small family and close friends get-together. You can tell your guests in the invitation if you will have a dress code, gifts, or a themed party like the 80s or 70s.


Theme Adult Birthday Party Ideas

50th adult party themed

Once you have a guest list, it’s time to get started on planning your adult birthday party. When throwing an adult-themed party, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to what kind of theme you can choose from.

Whether you want something elegant or comical for your next celebration, we are sure that our party rental services will help.


Examples of adult themes are:


  • The 70s theme
  • The 80s theme
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • SuperHeroes themed party
  • Vintage
  • Murder Mystery

Tables and Chairs Rentals

Chairs tables furniture Rentals

Usually, you expect to use party supplies for a significant party, so you don’t ruin your own. The most rented items are tables and chair rentals plus furniture rentals for events. There are many chairs and tables to choose from and fairly cheap to lease in party packages.

Tablecloth for rent in Miami come affordably for birthday parties or a bit more class for weddings and events. Often, a wedding planner doesn’t want plastic chairs. Instead, want Chiavari chairs or at least wooden chairs and tables.


Food and Beverages


An important thing you must have at a great party is excellent food and beverages. Ensure you have enough to feed all your guests! Finger foods and appetizers are also great options if you’re looking to serve small meals.

Adult beverages are also a must for parties since people need the motivation to dance. You can either serve liquor, beer, and wine, depending on your theme party.

The expensive option is often beer since you will need many 12 packs to fill your guests. Therefore, consider a couple of liquor bottles instead to reduce your alcohol budget.


Margarita Frozen Machine Rentals perfect for Adult Birthday Parties

Margarita Machine rental Miami

Margarita machine rentals in Miami work well for adult cocktail parties and children too. You can make a formula with alcohol or one without alcohol. So, enjoy the party with a delicious cold frozen drink while dancing with close friends and family.


Party  Balloons Rentals 

party rentals balloon party

Starting with the big ones, balloons are a must for an adult birthday party. You can rent helium tanks or inflate all your decor yourself! Party balloon rentals usually come in many colors so you can match your theme.

You can blow the balloons yourself; balloons are inexpensive to rent. Choose bright colors for a younger look, or stick with one or two colors for an adult party. Drape balloons from the ceiling with ribbons or strings, place them around on the floor or use the balloons decor near me to create a fun shape like a 


Adult Party Birthday Cake


Another must-have is an adult birthday cake even adults like eating a piece of cake! So, if you have a favorite ice cream flavor, create it into a frozen dessert and place it on top of their cake. You can also put some decorations like flowers around to give that extra touch.

Make the cake a little more special and memorable by placing candles on top of it. Also, you can do this with birthday messages for your friend or family member to make their day extra-special.

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