Party Tent Fans Perfect Alternative to Air Conditioners

As all Miami party rental experts, we recommend party tent fans instead of air conditioners to cool a significant event for budget-conscious hosts. Of course, not all occasions – or each budget – is perfect for a tent cooling system. However, let’s face it, sweaty and irritated isn’t how you want to remember your guests at your event!

Using fans is an incredible option for keeping the air circulating and cooling an event tent so you and your visitors stay fresh rather than overheating.

Don’t allow the sun to destroy your party when the thermometer begins to increase. Instead, use these party rental near me tips to keep your party tent cool and comfortable.

Party Tent Fans

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Tent fans come in various sizes. These fans have multiple speeds and are coated and sealed with a white epoxy intended for outdoor use. These fans can be tied to side poles around the tent and be situated to maximize wind flow, and they mix in pleasantly with the tent’s white background.

Drum fans are more significant-sized alternatives. Yet, they are not ideal for each occasion. These fans can be huge and boisterous, and the large fan’s sharp blades can represent a peril to visitors. In addition, these fans typically arrive in dark colors and can provide many airflows that often overwhelm visitors.

Pick ceiling fans instead! Yes, you can get ceiling fans in an event tent! Ask your Miami tent rental company to add ceiling fans to the canopy. The airflow inside the tent will truly help keep the air circulating and keep visitors comfortable.

Best Places to Position Fans under a Tent

Install tent fan rentals around the dance floor. Fans around the dance floor are an incredible idea for events that have many dancing guests and keep them from overheating. These fans also offer guests an assigned space to chill while allowing visitors who don’t want to be close to a fan can move somewhere else.

Put party tent fans up to high. Connecting fans high on the tent poles can provide air movement at the highest point of the tent. It likewise permits fans to cool the air without obstructions. Fans lower to the ground can get obstructed by guests, tables, and even centerpieces. So, fans set up high are far removed and unlikely to be pushed over or hurt any visitors.

Cool the perimeter. Set up fans around the tent’s perimeter to let the cool air blow into the tent. This game plan also makes a way to eliminate warm air from under the tent if the external climate gets more relaxed at night.

 Why Use Party Tent Fans inside an Event?

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  1. Keep visitors cool so they can appreciate the occasion in the freshness of the tent.
  2. Give a better place for staff to stand and different employees assisting with your occasion.
  3. Reduce unwanted visitors, for example, bugs, flies, and mosquitos.
  4. With tent decor, fans can keep the air moving without much noise or impedance.
  5. Tent fans help prevent tents with sidewalls from feeling humid during rain.

To choose if party tent fans are wise for your occasion, check the weather channel, and work with your tent supplier to pick the best fan system. Likewise, consider your visitors and the sort of event you will host. The information will help decide the best type and placement of fans for your occasion.

Look for Shade

You may not have much input on where the tent is situated at a site, but ask them if they can find shade. Raising a tent under tall trees may not be an option, and many tent rental companies will not want to install a tent under a tree.

Often, wind and a short storm can damage canopies by falling debris. So instead, look for a large building or hill that would give shade. The shade will prevent the tent back from heating up under the hot sun.

Stay away from Asphalt regarding Party Tent Installation

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A level paved floor may seem like the best spot to raise the tent. However, it will be the hottest! Remember, when you walk into an outdoor parking area in the summer, the heat can almost melt your shoes. A grassy surface will be a lot cooler than an asphalt paved lot.

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