Dinner Party Planning Tips for a Fun Family Time

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Dinner Party Planning Tips for a Fun Family Time

Dinner party planning doesn’t have to be difficult for people who want to spend some time with the family in these uncertain times.

So, it’s your turn to host a dinner party for close friends and family members, but your oven might not be used to this cooking. In these times of coronavirus fear where a high concentration of people shouldn’t congregate, planning a Miami dinner party with close friends and family (20 or less) can cheer the soul up.

If you don’t have a dinner party planning experience, don’t worry, Party Rentals Miami can help. Throwing a fruitful dinner party is simpler than you think! Don’t bother with Food Network culinary abilities—all you need is some cooking skills. Here are some tips to assist you with pulling off an incredible dinner party.


Dinner party planning list

dinner party planning list

Make a plan for the day, a shopping list, and a daily schedule of your tasks for the week before the party. Don’t wait to clean until the day of the party, when you’ll have many activities to do! Also, start on your shopping list when you settle on the menu—you’ll likely be adding more things.

Besides the food shopping list, you have to consider party rentals items too. Tables, chairs, linens, candles, tableware, silverware, are just some things you may need renting in a bundle to save money.


Know your guest list


Are you throwing a small dinner for five or a significant buffet for 20 or less? Then consider thinking about your visitor’s likes and dislikes beside any sensitivities or food allergies they may have. Also, make a vegetarian menu full of tofu, fruits, and salads.


Pick a simple menu and sometimes less is better

lasagna easy to make food

If you’re not sure of your menu, then pick a simple menu. Usually, your visitors don’t want extravagant dinner meals rather than your family’s favorite lasagna and salad. The best time to try different things with a fascinating new menu is for yourself—not when you’re expecting twenty visitors.

Try not to make or serve many appetizers—particularly if you have a prime rib and a lot of baked potatoes in the oven. Only a few straightforward snacks, for example, cheesy bites and sweet treats is all you need to satisfy your guests.


Keep the food seasonal and do time-savers


Fresh vegetables and fruits taste the best—and least expensive—at the peak of their seasons. Therefore, adding them to your menu will give you the best value, while ensuring your dishes have the best ingredients. Go to your supermarket or small local market to pick the best vegetables and after make your pizza or a delicious fresh salad.

An incredible tip for dinner planning is not to do it yourself! Food meals, for example, rotisserie chicken and salads or pre-cooked side dishes and small pies chose from the market can make a splendid dinner table with little effort.


Simple to do dishes and prepared meals


To save time and the worry of messing something up on party day, pick food menus that you can make a few days before the gathering. A few dishes, for example, lasagna, cheesecake, and some mixed drinks taste better when you make them a day or two before serving.

Also, take a look at healthy prepared meals since they’re already made for you and can be delivered fresh to your door.

Yes, being stuck in the kitchen putting the last touches on a pie or a baked chicken while your visitors sit starving on the dining table without food is a downer.


Dinner party planning beverages and drink ideas

Margarita Frozen Machine Rental Miami

No one wants to be a barkeep to your visitors when you have food to prepare. A straightforward solution is to rent a Margarita Machine Rental and allow your guests to serve themselves.

Also, you can set up a DIY bar with all the mixing so everyone can serve themselves. Stock your bar with things like lemon, salt, bottles of sparkling water, herbs, cucumber, olives, beer, sodas, ice, and much more.


Transform your dinner to a fun party

karaoke machine for dinner party

Sadly, eating the food only takes 20 minutes or fewer—which is stunning, considering how much work goes into it. However, you can enjoy yourself a little more by dancing some of your favorite songs. Or better yet, rent a karaoke machine and allow people to sing songs so everyone can enjoy them or laugh together.


Relax and enjoy the dinner party buddy


Let your demeanor show how much fun you’re having. Trust me, the visitors will see if you’re having fun or running around franticly, and usually, they will feel the same way. Do important things early, however, don’t turn down help, particularly in the kitchen.

They’re your family and friends, so yes, they want to help! Remember, everyone, to wash their hands and use their elbow for hellos instead of hugging and handshakes

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