Wedding Planning Big Don’t for Brides and Planners

Wedding planning isn’t a science, but it’s essential to do it right since a lot is at stake. And our wedding planning services in Miami have you covered. However, a bride often gets advice from many other experts, including mom and sister. Yes, loved ones just want to help and that is ok.

Sometimes the bride tries to do it all alone and can make mistakes? So, that’s when the wedding don’ts happen? Ever wondered about the different don’ts of a wedding, and why worry? What’s correct or wrong, elegant or untasteful, can make anyone mad.

How about we look at some things that may sound insignificant, however, may come up at some point or another? Don’t worry, our wedding planner services can help you throw your dream wedding so be happy!

Don’t do everything yourself, Super Bride!

wedding planning

You’re intelligent, you’re motivated, and you’re about to get married. However, you’re only one lady. Super brides—those fine ladies who devote each waking hour to wedding arranging, disregarding all ideas of help—usually will come up short.

For example, close to the big day without reserving the wedding supplies from multiple vendors instead of one, invitations unstamped, wedding dress not dry cleaned, heads count uncounted. How to stay away from these issues? Bring in your trusty friends or hire a wedding planner before you start the planning.

Don’t have a cash bar

Telling visitors to reach into their pockets each time they want a glass of celebratory champagne or an invigorating gin and tonic is impolite. For example, you welcome guests to a party, well, you’re wedding! And afterward, you tell them that it is a cash bar or not free and to dish out some cash. It’s a recipe for hurt feelings and some social media smack talk!

Remember that you don’t have to serve drinks from a top-class bar. The truth, is there are a lot of different ways to serve and save. You could offer wine and beer and make one signature cocktail for everyone to enjoy. You may have free drinks during the happy hour and serve only wine during dinner.

Don’t make two guest lists

Guest list

This is the most difficult part, yet stick to your budget. Yes, budget on how many people you can afford. You can begin by inviting nearest to you, for example, mom, grandma, sisters, the groom close family member, and your crazy uncle, and afterward chip away at the rest of the list. Sometimes you have to give the option of bringing a plus one.

It’s difficult to welcome everybody, so you should decide on these decisions as a couple. Finally, don’t have a B-list of visitors since if these visitors find out, they may get angry or sadden while hurting your relationship forever.

Wedding planning tip-Monitor your budget

Always remember the budget since services and supplies can add up quickly! Monitoring your expenses is a difficult part of the wedding planning process, but at the same time, it’s needed.

Have you considered all the expenses? If you manage your funds well, you can precisely assign your budget to areas that you esteem the most.

A helpful method to monitor your wedding finances is with a wedding budget calculator application. Some apps are free and simple to use.

Don’t plan a troublesome destination wedding

destination wedding-arch

Ok, the temptation of the awesome destination wedding is always on your mind, correct? Walking barefooted on a volcano or beach in Hawaii… or what about in skiing or on a splendid slope in the Mountains? Wow, that sounds cool, but can grandma go too? Will your friends and family waste their savings to arrive? No, probably not. Destination weddings can be great, but with a destination wedding, it’s not only about you, but it’s about your visitors, too.

While a few loved ones will welcome the trip and deal with the spending, others will resent the expense and think of it as a hassle and decide not to go. Make it straightforward for everybody by picking a well-known spot, planning ahead of time, and giving all the information. Finally, help with the expense (by making sure you get group rates and cheap travel fares).

Don’t do a DIY

professional photographer

If you are creative, that’s ok, you may think DIY is an extraordinary idea, not only to reduce your wedding costs, likewise to permit your imagination to bloom. However, be afraid if you have no experience since a big mistake can ruin your big day!

Expert photographers, florists, vendors, caterers, and cake designers are there for a reason—because they know what to do. If you have a friend or relative who enjoys taking pictures but isn’t a professional and has offered to take on your wedding photographs, reconsider.

The importance of an expert wedding photographer can’t be underestimated and you will see the value of a professional at the end of the wedding. Experts also will have backup plans set up should anything happen to your photographs, flowers or cakes, etc.

Plus, the wedding planning procedure can be complicated—and often upsetting, it’s impossible to have time to invest energy in the kitchen, or out gathering flowers, or letting friends take photos.

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