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Miami Wedding Rental Vendor Ways to Save Money on Supplies

Miami wedding rental vendor supplies can be the top reasons for all the glamour photos you see on Pinterest and Instagram. However, how would you keep the expense of the supplies inside your budget? Everyone including Miami wedding planners wants a bride to have a dream wedding but don’t want to sell a leg or arm to make it come true or go bankrupt.

Chairs, tables, lighting, linens, napkins, yes napkins too, and tabletop rentals (besides different delivery expenses and pickup fees that accompany them) can quickly add up. Significantly, you want to get quality wedding supplies rentals that will make your occasion look stunning. Here are some smart ways to get a good deal on your wedding items:


Miami Wedding Rental Vendor Tips

Miami wedding rental vendor

Depending on where you live, you will visit many wedding rental companies. Many people that have never hosted a wedding will imagine that all the wedding rental companies are the same. Therefore, when they need the supplies, they just call or go the closest one to their home.

But that’s the wrong approach. Just as the bridal gowns look the same (white) but are different, so are the rental companies. To find the right wedding rental vendor stocking the perfect amount of supplies for your gathering, take as much time as you need to visit the many local wedding rentals companies. Compare the costs and the items they offer besides how clean and their maintenance.

You might think to just walk into a wedding rental store at the last minute and exit with the wanted supplies, yet it doesn’t work this way. Better to take some time to visit various stores since it will pay off significantly over the long run.


What if you find the right Miami wedding rental vendor with all the supplies you need?


The best way is to tell the wedding rental company that you want many rental supplies. Usually, they can give you rebates, discounts, and even save you money on packages depending on your needs.


Avoid the package deals if you have a few guests attending

Beach wedding supplies

Package deals are incredible for significant weddings as you rent all the things as a bundle. However, while hosting a small wedding, the package deals are a major no. Simple, because you will pay for items you won’t use.

If your wedding has a few visitors, the wedding rental packages could seem like too much plus the budget hit. Most packages work best for a specific number of people and if your occasion has few guests attending, it may end up being costly. Decide on your guest count and next use the wedding rental items that you need.  When you host an intimate wedding, save some money by leasing the things in the quantities you need.


Avoid expensive chairs


Even though nice chairs look stunning and give the wedding an exquisite look, Chiavari chairs can hurt your budget. Unless you have money to burn or having a wedding with an elegant theme, avoid leasing a lot of wooden seats. Rather, go for folding metal seats or even plastic chairs.

If you like Chiavari chairs, lease the seats for the visitors and use plastic seats or metal folding chairs for the non-visitors, for example, the band and catering team. If hosting a reception party, don’t rent extra wedding seats. Request that the visitors bring their seats. Remember, it could look cheap to your visitors so for this to work, ensure that you have the reception near the wedding site.

You should know that plastic seats break easily, particularly when you have children at the party, so when leasing them, look at them to ensure they aren’t weak or broken. Also, you can lease from an insured company. So, you won’t need to replace the seats when it breaks.


Lease the right-sized tent

Party Rentals in Miami renting tents

When you host an outside wedding, you need a wedding tent that works for your needs and not necessarily cheap. Many people rent the wrong size wedding tent, which causes them to spend more cash.

If you lease a small tent for the occasion, you probably need to lease extra smaller tents for the catering team and band, which can end up costing you a lot of money.

Then again, when you lease a large tent, you squander your cash as you lease a tent that is too large for your items. Also, it can make your site look empty. What do we recommend?

Set aside some time to research and find the correct tent size for your occasion. Perhaps the most ideal way is by asking the Miami wedding company expert to assist you with the measurement.


Lessen damages to the items


Many Miami wedding rental vendors will request that you fix or replace the things you lose or damage. This can cause a monetary loss, particularly when many items get damaged. Remember, you still need money for the honeymoon. So, to prevent this from hurting your budget, take great care of the wedding supplies.

For instance, when using linens, always place something under the candles to keep them from trickling onto the linen. Ensure that kids don’t jump on the chairs and that people don’t play with the items, for example, the candles and music equipment or touching stuff.

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