Don’t Forget to Rent These Essential Items for your Wedding!

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Don’t Forget to Rent These Essential Items for your Wedding!


Party Rentals Miami planners realize what our customer’s lease for a wedding is often an overlooked part of arranging. Without using or making a wedding rental checklist, your visitors won’t have seats to sit on, glasses to drink from, forks to eat with, and, may even get wet. To help minimize expenses, these things need to get leased from a party rental in Miami organization like ours. Keep in mind, you need to get your party items a few months before your wedding. Regardless if they come with your venue or not, there are some wedding rental items that you should not go without.


Brides who want to have an outside wedding ceremony or reception should think about leasing tents from a party rental company. If you get a sound canopy, your relatives and visitors will have a place to retreat if the climate turns sour. Leasing a tent for your outside wedding occasion will likewise assist you with keeping your visitors fresh on a warm summer day. It is ideal to think about the number of your visitors and lease a tent that can suit all of them. Besides, put resources into gutters, sidewalls, decorations, and different accessories.


Tables and Chairs

Wedding table setting

Tables and chairs are significant for you and your visitors to sit during the service, cocktail hour, and reception. However, remember the other different places throughout your wedding where tables and seats are fundamental. Your musicians need a place to sit and a stand to set up their instruments on. Plus, another table for your gifts and cards, one for your cake and desserts, and another for your favors.

Dance Floor

Many venues will have a dance floor included, yet for those that don’t, contingent upon the number of visitors, you’ll need to decide the size of your dance floor. Wood is a popular type, yet there are different alternatives. You can likewise project your customized monogram onto your dance floor using an extraordinary lighting projection called a gobo.



If you’re throwing a patio wedding or a wedding in a rural setting, you may need to lease a generator. Consider how much electricity requires to power your wedding. Your occasion space needs lights, your caterer needs the energy to cook and bake, the DJ needs it to play music, and your maid of honor or the best man needs it to give their toasts with a microphone and a set of speakers.

Linens and Napkins

There are many table linen styles and fabrication out there—choose the ones that suit your overall wedding theme the best and don’t be afraid to mix and match. We recommend sequins, stripes, honeycomb, and damask designs.

Dinnerware, Flatware, and Barware

wedding glassware

You want your visitors to have the option to eat and drink right? Remember chargers, serving plates, forks, knives, spoons, red and white wine glasses, water glasses, champagne flutes, highball glasses, rock glasses, and an espresso or coffee cups. Also, perhaps an extra special for those signature drinks like mason jars.

Flower arrangement

Fresh, rich flowers will enhance your big day, however, what do you put them all in? Well, your flower specialist may recommend leasing arches, aisle marker stands, vases, vessels, votive, lanterns, candelabras, and much more.

Lounge Furniture


A few couples often neglect to lease lounge furniture for their wedding. This is not right since lounge furniture items can help make a casual place for your visitors and relatives inside the venue where they can sit comfortably and relax with no turmoil.

Also, lounge furniture items will likewise make an inviting vibe for your visitors, which will, thus, make them feel comfortable. The furniture will likewise improve the overall aesthetic of the venue and used as the ideal backdrop for catching dazzling wedding photographs.


Restrooms are relevant for couples that will have their wedding outside. You can lease portable ones that are roomy and well-design.


Talk to your party vendors about the different rental items you may require. For instance, bartenders need coolers for cocktails to arrive at the ideal temperature, and the food staff needs pitchers to refill water glasses.

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