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Event Rentals Miami Expert Tips for a Happy Destination Wedding


Our event rentals Miami planners know there’s something special about getting hitched far away from the home where your groom proposed. Often, against a scenery of mountains or on the beach somewhere tropical. As ravishing as these areas sound, remember the hard-work that goes into arranging a destination wedding.

Remember, there’s more to consider than the setting itself. The planning of your ceremony, the climate in the area, and visitors’ accessibility to travel are mostly concerns each couple arranging a destination wedding needs to consider. However, you can still plan a destination wedding with little knowledge.

Follow these wedding rentals Miami professional tips to assist you in making the right destination wedding you will never forget.


Pick the perfect location

rustic destination wedding

Your wedding location determines the overall mood (rustic, sophisticated, beach) but also the trip, time and budget required to get it done. You’re wedding elements, for example, the location, activities and the overall vibe—should say something regarding your style and passions.

This will help your visitors return home happy from the wedding weekend saying, “That was a cool trip!” Is your destination wedding somewhere tropical? Welcome loved ones to a retreat in Mexico, the Caribbean or Hawaii.

Time it right!

Lamentably, the best climate in popular destination weddings will correlate with tourist season. So, there are more crowded, fewer hotels available and venue availabilities, and cost more all around. When you’re planning a destination wedding during this pinnacle time, book your venue and save your rooms many months in advance.

If you change dates to a slower season, you could save yourself and your visitors some cash and still enjoy the extraordinary climate. While the off-season will mean fewer people, the climate can be a gamble (consider the Caribbean’s hurricane season and the summer heatwaves of Europe). This causes many stores, venues, and merchants to close up shop meaning no wedding supplies and services.

Send invites early and give people a heads-up

Event Rentals Miami planner sending invitation early

Tell your bridesmaids you’re arranging a destination wedding, so they can kindly accept or decline if they have low funds. Besides VIPs, it’s also a smart thought to give the rest of your guest list early notice so they can get the best deals on flights and hotel accommodations before costs soar.

Send save-the-dates at least six months ahead of time. However, don’t get upset if some of your dearest friends or family members don’t appear. While you are paying most of the food bills, their expenses for travel, inn and car rental can truly tally up.


Travel to the spot

I recommend taking at least one planning trip and if you have the budget go at least one more time. On the main trip, you must scout and secure your venue, service and reception spaces, hotels for visitors, the rehearsal dinner setting—and check out the local party rentals and wedding services.

For example, catering, flower delivery, and photographers. After you’ve made your selections, plan the “tastings” with your caterer, see flower bouquet, plan a hair and cosmetics session with a neighborhood salon, and sort out activities like golf and tennis for your visitors.


Factor in the extra expenses

Wedding rentals Miami wedding dress

If you plan this right, a destination wedding will not cost more and perhaps less than throwing the wedding at home. Well, depending on where you live. For instance, if you live in New York City where wedding planning is sought after, holding your wedding in Mexico will probably cost less than doing it at home. Even if you factor in airfare, hotel costs, and planning trips you will save with Mexico.

However, there are additional costs you must factor in for a destination wedding, including bringing in key vendors and decorations. Plus, welcome bags for visitors, extra activities for visitors, and travel costs for you and your close families. Remember, you may fly in specific vendors that you must pay for their travel and accommodations. So, make a reasonable budget and factors in these extra expenses.


Get help from a event rentals Miami planner

If you are a control freak, be careful. If you’re hosting a wedding in a remote region, entrust some planning to experts. Many Miami resorts include a wedding expert or an event rentals Miami planner for their wedding packages who can bear the weight of researching and hiring local merchants.

Also, talk to the merchants if there’s a language boundary, managing logistics (like tent rentals, chairs, tables, and catering), and taking care of any issues that may start in the weeks before the wedding.

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