Nine Incredible Types of Tents for Parties

So, you are hosting an outdoor event but require tents for parties. Why have a party outside? Because the best parties are held outdoors nowadays, right?

However, you realize that you need something to shield your visitors from the outside elements, but you aren’t sure of your options. Well, the best option would be a party tent. So, if you are attempting to find the type of tent that will work best for your event, then look no further.

Let’s check out nine popular types of tent rentals in Miami used for parties. Trust us; you will find the one that best suits your requirements.

Pole Party Tent

Poles and guy wires support the pole tent. It also has a notable top with one or two peaks and is beautiful and elegant, making it an excellent choice.

You need to stake pole tents into the ground, so set them up on concrete or another kind of hard surface. Unfortunately, it makes them less versatile than other types of tents.

Canopy Tents

Canopy tents are perfect for outside weddings, such as festivals, church fundraisers, flea markets, etc. These occasions usually don’t need to have a tent that is visually pleasing. You can use canopies for shelter from daylight or light downpours. They don’t have a high pinnacle and can have a reasonably flat style rooftop.

These lightweight canopy tents don’t have sidewalls, and you cannot use them during gusty winds or torrential downpours. However, you can use small canopies for small patio parties where the client wants a cheap option. Usually, the client can pick up and set up the tent by themselves without expert help.

Marquee Tent

The marquee tent is a mix of the pole and the frame tent. It combines the comfort of the free-standing metal frame tent with the appealing pole tent’s peaked rooftop, giving you the better of the two worlds.

Frame Tent

The frame tent is a well-known kind of wedding tent. It doesn’t use poles. Instead, it uses a metal frame to support the canopy and is free-standing, so set it on hard surfaces.

It is not as beautiful as the pole tent but more versatile. The metal pipes inside the tent are exposed, and people can hang lights and decorations or cover them up with layers of draped fabric.

Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth tents have sculpted pinnacles and eaves in a translucent fabric that improves daytime occasions with more natural light and brilliantly glows for night parties.

Many sailcloth tents are 100% waterproof and sturdy to help guarantee that the weather doesn’t ruin your fabulous day. These sailcloth tents come in pole or frame versions. The pole tent with a center pole is set up at two different heights.

Clear Tent

The clear tent brings a see-through vinyl top. You can dine and dance under the stars knowing that the clear tent will protect you from the climate. The tent interior is unaffected by tarp or fabric, and the see-through top makes for a beautiful view from the inside and outside.

Carnival Tent

types of circus tents

You can dress up a carnival pole tent in red and white striped textures. While it is conceivable to lease this sort of canopies for specific outdoor events, they are typically large and difficult to find.

Structure tents

Structure tent rentals are perfect for long-term installations since these tents have no center pole and a sturdy aluminum frame that gives them a high wind resistance. Also, it doesn’t need ropes or stake lines since they have a tension sidewall system.

A structure tent can be staked, tied down into concrete blocks, or tied down with concrete blocks. As a result, the rafters and bars are much sturdier and support more weight than other tents. In addition, this tent gives the client more choices for hanging more massive decorations, lighting, audio fixtures, fans, and draping.

Teepee Tent

Teepee tents are styled after the Native American teepee and offer a unique shape, comfortable environment, and a fascinating look to your occasion.

These tents come in an assortment of sizes and designs, making them suitable for significant and small weddings. However, their attractive appearance comes at the expense of added obstacles because of the poles that support them.

If you need a few types of tents for parties or weddings, please get in touch with 24 Hours Party Rentals today.

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