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Red Carpet Sweet 16 in Broward

If you have the idea of a theme party red carpet style for your sweet 16, you know you should radiate elegance and glamor both your dress and decoration.

Red Carpet it rithmes with Hollywood, tasteful, elegance, brightness and fun. If you think this is your style and you are a lover of good taste your party of 15 red carpet style will be perfect.

Tonight you must be the focus of your guests, you should be bright as any star and celebrate in a big way with them.

Your suit should be Hollywood-style, is proper to choose bright colors for both your dress as for decoration, these are: red, black, orange, silver, royal blue and gold, if you do not want to remove from pink, typical quinceañeras do not, it’s your party, it’s your dream.



Invitations printed with your picture on location or background Hollywood, poster which movie star type.

Cardboard choice is paramount to give elegance to the presentation, preferably enameled gold or silver, can cut the star-shaped or Oscar statuette, then you print the data to send to your friends.



With these tips then you will make your guests feel like a real red carpet.

Flowers: If your style is more romantic place bouquets from the entrance tulle or organza interwoven with accompanied with stars cardboard.

Statuettes: If your style is more sophisticated places from the input stage with Oscar statuettes and stars on the floor as those on the Walk of Fame in them can put your name or your bridesmaids. The color is your choice, pink, silver, gold or black could be.

Balloons: In the market there are many balloons in the shape of stars in all colors, requested in a specialized globoflexia place made for your party an arrangement, tower or arc with color balloons you have chosen and characterizes your party, you can put the word Hollywood.

Photos: You can mix any of the above styles with photos of famous or print pictures of you and you hit starlets around with some frosty material.

This way you’ll stop it clear what the theme of your party. Moreover, as a framework for them to choose that scenario to take photos. Finally you can put a red carpet at the entrance.

And a very original tip …. Do you have siblings, cousins ​​or friends uninhibited? Ask them to be placed at the entrance with cameras to make the role of paparazzi or interviewers. If you’ve hired a photographer really so much the better.



For centerpieces you can make a replica of the statue of Oscar awards with flowers of the same color decoration, you can place each table bright masks decorated with feathers.

Individual memories could be a cupcake with the word Hollywood or the drawing of an Oscar, a box full of chocolaty strawberries, could also be a cup or glass with floating candles, a white candle tied with a ribbon or fabric color of your decor, picture frames with reference to the party.


You dont have to worry about any of this, if you call us now, we can get your party on! Plus tons of more ideas!

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