Rent Event Tents to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreaks

When our customers rent event tents nowadays, they essentially do two essential things, keep their guests safe from the elements and safe from Covid-19. Event party rental near me, like other businesses, are making significant changes amid COVID-19.

With today’s worries about groups and maintaining safe social distancing practices during the pandemic, renting a party tent can become the solution for some schools, corporate events, occasions, and different gatherings. Knowing how to rent a tent during Covid-19 can help you decide on a safe and agreeable party.

The Importance of Social Distancing

Coronavirus social distancing

While our comprehension of COVID-19 is still evolving, but we know for sure the sickness is highly contagious. Besides, people can transmit the disease without apparent symptoms. The most problematic transmission comes from respiratory droplets that may spread through coughing, talking, singing, sneezing, or other respiratory exhalations.

Keeping a safe distance of at least 2 meters between people lowers the danger of transmission by limiting the person-to-person contact of those respiratory droplets. Social distancing permits individuals to d necessary activities while reducing the threat of viral transmission or contamination.

How Renting Event Tents can Help?

That is why you should rent event tents that can help. Party tent rental companies are leasing event tents to organizers for occasions and hospitals to hold their event safely outside. Tents may have sidewalls that can be pulled down in case of rain or severe climate. Plus, tents give structure and shelter to guests who want to enjoy a good time outside without worrying about Covid-19 safe distancing protocol.

For instance, restaurants may have a few outside tables for their outdoor seating arrangement. A tent rental company can rent event tents to set up more outside seating with proper distancing between tables. It is also significantly more reasonable to toss a wedding or significant occasion with social distancing with a large tent than inside a cramped room.

Moreover, consider renting a tent for a BBQ party or pool party. The two occasions can happen outside and under an outdoor tent. Visitors can wear masks when they are not eating and stay the recommended two meters apart.

Tent Rental Application During Coronavirus

Tent rentals and table rentals prevent Coronavirus Grouping Outbreak

There are many tent options for events or hospitals or Covid-19 task forces who need a place to chill from the sun. Various areas can use tents to augment their space and keep everyone happy and comfortable.

  • Restaurants – restaurants can add simple outside seating to their seats with the correct tents. Owners can use tents as a socially-distancing waiting for a full restaurant when their reservations are filled or a spot to wait. A tent could likewise give a more significant break area to employees.
  •  Retail Businesses – retail companies and shops may use tents as assigned spaces for curbside pickup, so clients don’t have to come into the store to buy the items personally. These businesses can also use tents for sidewalks, sale areas, or racks to scatter these popular areas.
  •  Churches – Churches can use tents to add all the more seating for services. Other church services include Sunday school or youth activities and occasions like meals, speakers, or celebrations.
  •  Occasions – Any occasion where organizers need to rent a tent, for example, weddings, birthday parties, or graduations, can use tents during Covid-19 following the pandemics safety protocols. Picking a bigger tent will allow extra room to promote better social distancing.

Tips for Renting Tents during Coronavirus

No matter the reason or reasons behind renting tents to space visitors, clients, customers, parishioners, or patrons out for fresh air, there are ways to take advantage of your tent rental in Miami.

  • Ask the tent rental Miami company about the cleaning and sanitation protocols the company uses between tent rentals. And what different steps they use to protect their rentals from Covid-19.
  •  Ensure you know the proper tent size and estimated guest count, plus learn how to implement social distancing recommendations. A bigger tent will always provide more distance to everybody.
  •  Measure if the site can support a bigger tent or a few smaller tents for proper spacing.
  •  Rent event tents with window or side panels that you can open to allow better outside air ventilation and circulation.
  •  Guarantee the tent is set up correctly with sufficient support, straps, concrete blocks, and other safety features to withstand the unpredictable weather.
  •  Ask about affordable rates or packages for longer-term rental periods.

Rent Event Tents last Thought

Read the event tent rental agreement carefully and follow all rules for pickup or delivery. Also, understand the tent’s condition upon return to prevent any punitive fees.

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