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14 Wedding Planning Miami Tips


The best wedding planning Miami planners can be more than a helping hand when you’re preparing to host the biggest day of your life with the soon to be hubby.

When throwing a wedding in Miami, there are things that are good to know and things you have to know. For instance, great advice so nice that any bride who’s fortunate enough to hear it believes the tip was a blessing during and after the celebration.

Maybe you think you missed something or you’re in control. But still, you can look at our essential Miami wedding services secrets below as they can help anyone.


The wedding guest list plan


Take a few minutes to plan the number of visitors you will welcome before choosing a site. This will guarantee there’s abundant space for your guests to enjoy.

As a guideline, allow 25 square feet for every visitor. That may appear to be a lot of space, yet it’s not since you need the required space for the tables, waiters, the band, and a dance floor area.


Mother Nature can ruin your wedding


Listen to the weather forecast, “yes for real” as these experts have gotten better at forecasting the weather.  Many visitors have jumped ship early from hot summer weddings and inappropriately warmed winter loft gatherings.

Bugs like mosquitos and flies likewise swarm in specific areas during seasons. Consider buying products that contain oil of lemon eucalyptus instead of citronella candles to ease the issue or provide bug repellent to visitors in gift bags. Also, when you have an outdoor wedding service Miami, always have a Plan B like a large wedding tent rentals Miami for unexpected showers and weather surprises.


Check your credit before starting the planning the wedding in Miami


A top wedding can have surprising costs so take advantage of the expenses of weddings and get a credit card with a rewards program. Often, the credit card companies give airline miles or extraordinary shopping deals, combining all wedding-related buys to this card.

It will assist customers with accumulate thousands of reward points you can use on anything particularly your honeymoon.


 Wedding vendors in Miami

wedding chairs rentals in Miami

Wedding vendors in Miami like 24 Hours Party Rentals offer many wedding services. However, if for whatever reason we don’t have the service available then we can point you to a photographer or florists with beautiful flowers or roses.

Don’t worry the top wedding services in Miami are connected to help our customers organize the best wedding possible.


 Need to lose some weight lighten your guest list


According to The Knot, a wedding can cost an average of $30,600 in Florida.

The simplest method to trim your wedding budget is to cut your guest list. Keep in mind, much of your wedding costs go-to dining your guests. It might seem harsh but it will save you a lot of cash you can use on other essentials.

Just think, if dining one person costs $100, eliminating a table of 5 can save you $500. So, imagine if you have guests coming that you invited but aren’t close as the close family or friends then you may cut them off the list.

Ask your wedding site for extra


You can ask your wedding site for an extra hour of cocktails or more time for your hired band or DJ to play more music before you sign the document.

Most wedding service Miami vendors would prefer to lock the reservation than lose it for something as trivial as more time for music or drinks. But, make sure to meet them halfway since they have still have a business to lead.


Make different meals for the wedding service crew

wedding snacks

Another unexpected cost is feeding your wedding services Miami crew. Before you sign the contracts, ensure you’re not required to serve the same meals to your vendors that you will serve your visitors. Or else, you will pay for 20 extra lobster tails or steaks. Pick a more affordable but generous dinner for them.

You should tell your wedding caterer a few days before the wedding the number of vendor service crew you have to take care of, for example, photography and band. Make sure to tell the catering service the type of food to offer.


Bartenders and margarita machine rental

double Margarita Frozen Machine Rental Miami

Ordinarily, you need to hire one bartender for every 40-50 visitors to keep the line moving. However, when you serve special cocktail drinks that need more time, consider adding an additional bartender to help this undertaking.


If you think you might need something else to enhance your bar then consider renting margarita machine rentals. These margarita machine rentals can serve ready to serve drinks saving you time and helping your guests get to the dance floor a little quicker.


 Leave some money for unexpected wedding extras


Your wedding budget should follow this formula below:


  • 40% of the budget to reception
  • 8-10 percent for flowers
  • 10 percent for attire
  • 10 percent for band/music
  • 8-10 percent for photograph/video
  • 5 percent for invites
  • 5 percent for wedding gifts for guests
  • 10 percent for a wedding service Miami organizer

It’s significant to have money left over for unexpected costs like printing extra invites, extra tailoring needs, and umbrellas or fans for a hot summer day.


 Communicate with your wedding planning Miami planner


Your wedding services Miami planner should be your go-to specialists during the planning procedure. When working together, you shouldn’t hesitate to explore what else you need. Maybe it’s serving a late-night snack rather than a first-course meal or not doing an engagement session and doing instead a bridal portrait session.

Most importantly you should feel like you can have a real conversation with them about what you need. The wedding services Miami role or party rentals near me planner is to recommend what you can and can’t do given your wedding budget.


Wait for an open wedding date

Wedding planning-bride and guest jumping happy

I usually don’t recommend this idea but if you want to save some money then last-minute planning can work for you. The closer your date, the all the more haggling power you have.

Because many people reserve their wedding site from a year to six months in advance, calling for open dates two months can save you a great deal of cash. Also, Friday and Sunday weddings can cost around 30 percent less than Saturday weddings.


 Plan for no-shows


Usually, around 10 to 20 percent of the individuals you welcome won’t show up. Well, these numbers will depend on the location of your wedding, the number of out of state guests you invited, a destination wedding in Hawaii or close to home, and the timing of the occasion like holidays.


 Make a nice but strict kid’s policy

Children invited to a wedding

Not many people or parents like to hear that kids tend to be trouble for weddings but there is some truth. Children like to play and weddings aren’t for playing maybe for dancing but not to play.


You have a few options:


  • You can greet children wholeheartedly.
  • Choose to have an adult’s only wedding.
  • You can invite close family children only.
  • Hire a child care service to give childcare to provide daycare either at a nearby hotel or at a relative’s home.


To prevent emotions to run high, tell non-intimate families not to bring children while allowing close family, friends, and bridal party to bring their kids.


 Approach the wedding planning carefully


Set up a wedding planning calendar and do things one-by-one and in order. Don’t do everything at the same time since it can snowball out of control.

Do not hire any merchants before you’ve confirmed your date; don’t make your cake before you’ve designed your flower design, and don’t book a band or DJ before you’ve chosen a space.


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