Baby Shower Event Planner in Miami

 When planning a Baby Shower

Hiring our baby shower event planner in Miami can help pull off the ideal party for the mom-to-be and her new bundle of joy. Because the months before and after the birth of a baby can be agitated, in the first step of the planning process should discuss the date with the mother. Weekends or during the week. Saturdays and Sundays are preferred for baby showers, especially in the afternoon. Weekdays are ideal for office baby showers and snacks with neighbors. Also, check the calendar for holidays and special events that may stand in your date. The last thing you want is that everyone is on vacation or looking at some major events on television when the big day comes.

 Reasons to do this before birth. 

  • The mother will have time to sort gifts, organize the nursery, and buy the items that she lacks.
  • To host a baby shower before birth may give the mother the much needed emotional support, and a dose of fun and companionship.
  • Reasons to do it after birth.

The celebration can become party to meet the baby.

  • Now that the guests know the sex, size and the baby’s name will be easier to buy a present.
  • This type of event is ideal for adoptive parents since they are not always sure when they can look for your baby.
  • Whatever your choice, why not change to meet: celebrate the arrival of a new baby!

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Who plans a Baby Shower

Who organizes the baby gift shower usually moms who take the initiative to organize a baby shower, and they are generally assigned to manage it, but organize a baby shower is no easy task. The baby shower planner should be aware that involves a commitment of many hours as it is an event that will be attended by many friends and family, and it takes many things into consideration to make it an unforgettable day.

Another option is to have a professional organization of events, every day there are more dedicated and specialized in organizing baby showers. If a mom chooses this option has to be willing to pay for it and let weigh and enjoy the experience, contributing ideas, and of course deciding to suit your taste, but without the burden of the entire organization.

Countdown to the baby shower event, what do I do?

Are there still weeks for your baby shower? You can go ahead stuff! Here are some tips so you do not take the time and go over the baby shower as smoothly as possible. We begin with a baby shower timeline for example by 8 weeks before (about two months), followed by six weeks, then 4 weeks prior and finally, what to do when they are 2 and 1 week.

8 weeks before the baby shower

  • Choose the subject as will turn the whole party
  • Decide the budget
  • Select the location of the event and looks at available dates
  • A time the last point is clear, save the date and time
  • Go organizing the guest list and designing and sending the first invitations
  • Think how long it will last the baby shower (ideally 2 hours)
  • Choose the menu
  • If the party is at your house, start thinking about how you will organize the subject of food, whether hiring a caterer or making you
  • Team up with your mother, another family member, your husband or friend to help you with the organization

6 weeks before the baby shower

  • If there are still invited by notice, you can go making
  • Make a list of essential items of all types: games, accessories for menu, decor, tables, chairs …
  • Create a list of gifts you need, if a guest asks you
  • Create another list of gifts, but you are going to offer guests

4 weeks before the baby shower

  • There you go closing themes! This includes decor, menu, games, activities and gifts
  • If you do custom caterers, confirm the exact order
  • If you need flowers for decoration, also make the order
  • 2 weeks before the baby shower
  • List of closed guests! Put the batteries to the laggards
  • Perfect to buy some extra that you need and that you had in mind when longer missing days

1 week before the baby shower

  • What to Wear? It’s time to think
  • ¿Hair styling, Makeup? Reserve time to leave you pretty well
  • Kitchen and frozen dishes that may be making advance
  • Enjoy and out nerves! You will leave all great

Baby Shower Event Planner in Miami, and Broward.

Hello!, my name is Sofia C Ponte. Mom, designer parties and businesswoman. I started this store in 2009 when many did not know yet what it was a baby shower. Throughout these years, we have been looking for, importing, creating, and innovating with quality products, exclusive and entertaining in order to make you spend the best designs Baby Shower party. Our products are mostly imported and many of them only find here. Dispatched all over South Florida, Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach. We are here to help if you need anything, please contact us and we will answer soon.

Baby Shower Chair Rentals Miami – Broward

If the baby shower has a specific theme, decorate the chair to match the other party accessories. For example, if the theme is “animal”, buy a rocking chair made of rustic wood for the mother. Place some small bales of hay under the rocking chair and a blanket over the back of the chair where all the animals are babies in party decorations, like lambs, chickens or calves appears. For a baby shower with a tropical theme, use an elegant lawn chair. Fewer things hanging on the sides of the chair and umbrella to buy a place on the chair for the expecting mother to babysit on a mini-vacation.

Color-coordinated chairs, Pink or Baby Blue

A chair rental Miami that matches the colors of the decoration of the festival is also a great resource. Hang a long pink satin bow or yellow on the back of the lawn chair or rocking chair for the mother, if you are using pastels for the party. Paint a wooden chair to match the colors of the party; uses the color that stands out. If the party colors are sky blue or chocolate, the chair painted blue. You might want to also sprinkle glitter paste the right tone or correct color flowers in the corners of the chair. A fabric cover painted in a mixture of tones is ideal for welcoming the new wave of joy. Also, the mother can use it as a cover for the baby.

Hire a Baby Shower Event planner from 24 Hours Party Rentals

baby shower boy theme

We have for you some tips to make that baby shower you want, some tips that will serve you much help.

Who should organize the party?

Normally, a darling of the future mother is responsible for organizing the baby shower. According to the formal rules of etiquette, the hosts should not be relatives of the pregnant to avoid the appearance that the family is asking for gifts, but do not worry too much to follow these rules.

 Among Latino families, it is very common for sisters, cousins, aunts, sisters-in-law, and mothers of pregnant organize the party. And, of course, so they do close friends or coworkers. The important thing is that dads feel comfortable with the person planning the party.

 It is also prohibited the mother plan your own baby shower if nobody offers “organizing”.

 Many Latino families throw the house out the window when organized baby showers. They serve a large and varied number of dishes and drinks, no music, and sometimes a piñata is broken, as some baby items such as a bottle or pacifier (dummy), for example.

What is the best time to make a baby shower?

Since the idea of these meetings is to help the expectant mom prepare for the baby’s arrival, the festivities are almost always held before birth, and although it can be done at any stage of pregnancy are more fun to the end. Besides serving as entertainment for the mother, they do not have much grace without the pregnant could show off her beautiful belly!

 But before dialing the date for the holiday, check with the celebrated, especially if they have a large family. It is recommended that you consider the availability of close relatives, such as grandparents and uncles of the baby, whose presence is essential. There is nothing worse than planning the party, send invitations, and then learn that the main guests may not be present.

Sometimes baby showers are planned ?? which they are called “already arrived” in countries such as Mexico ?? after the baby is born so that everyone can know the little guy. Specific gifts child takes.

An advantage of these “late” parties is that parents have the opportunity to present the baby to friends and family without having to prepare themselves a meeting at his house. The disadvantage is that the behavior of a newborn is unpredictable and the party will not last long if a little pain belly detracts from the good mood the guest of honor.

Who should be invited?

 Surely you already have a good idea of who you can invite, but ideally, end the list with the help of future parents, are not going to be sure to include an important person or invite someone mom (or dad) I would have preferred to exclude.

It can be a mixed party with ladies and gentlemen?

Of course! While most of these celebrations are exclusively for women, mixed baby showers are very common among Latinos. It represents one more chance to live and have fun among relatives and friends. Come from the grandparents to the little ones.

The gentlemen who are present also has several advantages: several of them may be available to help with the barbecue or roast beef and to carry boxes of drinks. And still, a guy who offers to be the DJ of the party. In any Latin party, it can not miss the ball!

Because Latino celebrations are almost all family members, you should consider several aspects. For example, it is advisable to organize activities not only for adults but also for children and gentlemen.

If you know you will several babies and children, borrow a playpen or cot to put it in one of your rooms and the little ones to sleep your siesta. If the event is in a park you can take a small house campaign for small children to sleep there nap or just rest. It will seem a very original sleep in one of those “little houses” idea.

But ultimately, it all depends on the type of party you want to organize. If it is a meeting between coworkers, for example, you may feel uncomfortable husbands.

And surprise parties?

It is true that this kind of party can have a big impact, but before salamis think very well how you’re going to organize. To ease the task, seek the help of a close relative (a brother or sister of the mother) who can guide you and be your main “accomplice” when deciding who will invite well as the exact time and place surprise.

What kind of invitations should I use and when shipping?

You can buy invitations, print them on your computer in decorated paper or send “virtual” email invitations as you think best. In addition to including basic information ?? what, where, and when ?? It is important to note the instructions for guests to confirm their presence.

If parents have a list or gift registry at a store. I highly recommended to include essential data on the invitation. Another option is to provide information about gifts when guests respond to the invitation.

It seems a long time but if you send invitations three weeks before the party, guests can make book on that day. In addition, they will have enough to find the perfect gift time.

What will be the “theme” of the party?

Although not essential, choosing a theme for the party will help you organize everything. For example, from the decor to the gifts or souvenirs that are given to the guests. Also, it creates a fun atmosphere. storks, teddy bears, cribs, or some popular children’s character like Hello Kitty: normally, for decorating any element related to babies is used.

It is quite common that the color used for decoration is allusive to the sex of the baby is known in advance (all pink or blue).

You can also choose something related to the culture, interests, or tastes of future parents. For example, if they come from a tropical country maybe you could arrange a shower with Caribbean touches.

“Issues” go beyond decoration and also can be related to the type of gift that mom will receive. For example, there are “baby shower diaper” where guests bring diapers just as a gift is requested.

And as for the gifts or souvenirs that are given to the guests at the end of the party, they can be tailored by hand (tiny baby garments handwoven) or buy ready-made (figurines of baby items like pacifiers and rattles ). Use these decorations with a ribbon or a card with the name of the baby and the date on which the party took place.

What to serve food and drink?

This will depend on the time of day, the budget you have, and if it’s formal or informal party. If the idea of cooking for dozens of people discouraged you and ordering food prepared is out of your budget, do not discard the possibility of asking each guest to bring a special dish, especially if you invited trusted guests, as family and friends close of the mother (especially if they are also your family and friends).

Potluck parties or “suit” is very common (you bring this, you this one), where guests bring dishes to share. Although in many Latin American countries this is sometimes done when it comes to a meeting between family or friends, maybe many of your guests dislike the idea of bringing food to a party, especially if it is expected to also bring gifts.

But depending on how you present the idea, you may do so with enthusiasm. Surely no one will object if, for example, propose them to prepare their specialty dessert for the mother, who lately have been antojando him home sweet home.

If “suggest” rather than “demand” that the guests share their culinary skills (and perhaps the written recipe as a gift for future parents), sure many will do so with ease.

As for drinks, you should have a variety of tastes. You can make natural freshwater for children and people who do not drink alcohol. And beer or table wine for those who want liquor.

If you decide to serve alcoholic beverages, make sure your guests consume them responsibly. Also, if the holding is in a public place (like a park) find out in advance if allowed to bring drinks with alcohol.

What kind of activities or games can I plan?

If many young children will be present, plan activities or games to entertain them. Thus, both children and their parents will enjoy much more of the party. You can simply prepare an area with toys, puzzles, tricycles, and balls.

If one or two young leaders, “contrátalos” as babysitters in the family. Depending on their age children, prepare up a craft table with an assortment of paper and crayons, putty or plasticine, stickers, and craft materials.

One of the traditions of the famous baby showers are guessing games related to the pregnant woman and the baby, as guessing the circumference of the belly of the mother, or the taste of different baby food for babies.

If you prefer not to include such activities, there are other options to amuse and entertain guests. For example, you can make a dance competition. Put a tasty salsa or merengue tune and the best dancer or dancer (or partner) wins a prize.

Will you make activities or games? Then, purchase several small gifts to give to the winners (if the party is mixed, comes to buying gifts unisex as coffee cups, candles, or boxes of cookies).

You can also consider buying a piñata, the little ones will love!

Learn games recommend other Baby Center moms.

Opening gifts and letters of thanks

Besides the opportunity to socialize and celebrate the pregnancy of future parents, one of the main events of a baby shower is open gifts. If a guest needs help deciding what to get the baby, suggest you see our list of most popular baby gifts.

If there are several children present in the shower, you probably want to open some gifts. They can explain that the birthday will be in charge of doing but they can help. Some you can scroll through gifts to the birthday while others may put items in a large box designated for it.

As for sending thank you notes for gifts received, this is a pretty and traditional American custom. And something that many guests expect. Among Latinos, however, “thank you very much” are usually given live and in person, accompanied by a big smile and a big hug, and most consider it unnecessary to send cards by mail.

If you believe the birthday itself would like to send thank you cards, one suggestion is that one of the organizers or a friend has a notebook and pencil ready when the gifts are opened. There you can record who gave everything. Thus, when the birthday is writing cards, you may include a small note on the item received ( “thanks for the clothes, is beautiful, and want to see my drink with that cute dress”).

One way to please everyone is to include a card of thanks along with the gift or memento that you give them to guests. It can be as simple as a candy bar (there are companies on the Internet where you can buy chocolates with packaging containing personalized messages and allusive decorations certain events).

Another idea is then mailed a group photo with the pregnant guest, taken during the party, writing on the back a short message of gratitude.

Use our list of the top 10 gifts for a baby shower.

Can I organize a baby shower for my second baby?

Every baby is a cause for celebration, no matter what its place in the family. Some people do not like the idea of going to a second shower because they see it as a requirement for gifts. But that does not stop you from organizing a small celebration among family and friends closest pregnant.

Another idea is to change the title to the meeting to give a more informal and not focus it both gifts (although surely all bring gifts). What if you invite friends and relatives of the pregnant woman to a “tea cakes” or a roast in honor of the new baby?

 In 24 hours party rental make your baby shower is the most special of all because we have everything necessary for it, from party favors, even tablecloths, chairs decoration, and even games at the best market price and throughout Miami


Baby Shower Party Rentals Miami Experts Ready

Another addition to your family is a wonderful time in life. There is a lot of happiness and excitement about the arrival of another baby. At 24 Hours Party Rentals, we think this life-changing event needs appreciation now and remembered forever with a party.

Our baby shower party planners have experience; from planning your party, a baby sprinkles or helping with the registries.

Our baby shower event planning services in Miami can work with you from the beginning of the planning meeting. Plus, through the day of the event to apply our insight, and skill to bring your vision a reality.

Baby shower event planner quick guide

Our baby shower planning team will plan each of these essential details below:

  • The baby shower party’s theme
  • Setting a date and time
  • Selecting and booking the venue
  • Help you pick a party. Either a traditional mommy and her female friends and family or a couples’ shower?
  • Baby shower decorations Miami and flowers arrangement
  • Logistics
  • Catering
  • Games, activities, and prizes
  • Select and set up your tent rentals Miami for outside occasions

Miami event planners have you covered

baby shower event planner in Miami

We trust all Miami party rental merchants that we work with to execute your plans perfectly. We apply our aptitudes and detailed approach to pull off a once in a lifetime baby shower that will be memorable.

At 24 Hours Party Rental we provide the best stress-free experience. We plan everything from intimate baby showers to huge baby events making your dreams come to life. After your baby shower, you can visit us to plan your baby’s first birthday!

Our baby shower event planner in Miami are energetic about making and delivering the most memorable day to you, the mom-to-be, and your loved ones. Have confidence that we understand the value of your time and you’re soon to be baby!

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