4 Top Outdoor Event Tent Rentals for Events to Rent

Outdoor event tent rentals can enhance events, weddings, and outdoor birthday parties that need to protect their guests from the elements. Also, a wedding tent can improve the look, design, and theme.

Outdoor event tent rentals come in a broad category of tents and canopies. Practically any canopy you can set up a party under is an event tent rental. However, inside that broad category, there are four essential types.

The four types of tent rentals near me have their pros and cons to considering the tent rental cost of buying or renting.

  1. Pop up and Instant Canopies

pop up tent rentals in Miami

If you want a tent to rent, consider a pop-up or instant canopy, as these are the lightest and most affordable sort of shelters. These canopies use an accordion-style design; pop-up canopies can be set up and brought down in a few moments without using any tools. Some bring storage bags for simple transportation! With no poles in the center, they are open, and if you need to use the center, there is no issue.

Pop-up tents are designed for mobility and use for shade. Yet, they are not ideal for all situations. These regularly don’t come bigger than 20′ x 20′, making them not the solution when looking for a bigger tent for an occasion. You also need to consider the construction. These lightweight models cannot face the elements and wear and tear as heavier tents can. It makes them unfit for long-term use.

Then again, there is a more durable pop-up canopy, for example, the Caravan Magnum line. Caravan Magnum is tougher, thanks to its sturdy and heavy frame. These waterproof enclosures need extra setup time yet can withstand more frequent use.

  1. Outdoor Event Pole tents

outdoor pole tent

Pole tents come in many sizes, ranging from 10 x 10 to the colossal 40 x 200. These tents use poles to support their weight. The tension made by stakes, or tie-downs, keep the tent upstanding and stable. With poles situated around the perimeter besides the center, this light and simple pole tent is an affordable way to cover a big area. Another positive of pole tents is the versatility and the color varieties it offers so that you can customize them to your heart’s desire.

However, pole tents have some cons to consider, like their placement. Since this kind of pole tent depends on tension to prevent the top from falling, you have almost no flexibility regarding staking. Plus, the pole tent needs an average of two meters of extra room on all sides of your tent to accommodate the required staking. For instance, it means you can’t install a pole tent against a building. Also, you would need to make a lot of holes in the floor, so they’re not reasonable for inside use.

Moreover, the center pole can meddle with visibility, making it difficult to fuse bigger objects into the layout.

  1. Outdoor Event Frame Tents Rentals

wedding frame outdoor event tent rentals

Frame tents use a tubular metal structure to support their canopies rather than tension. It permits people to use frame tents without the support of center poles. Thus, allowing more flexibility in their placement. So, you can put them next to buildings or even inside, plus they function admirably as semi-permanent structures.

But the flexibility comes at a price. Frame tents cost more than both pole and tension canopies. They also weigh a bit more and require more labor to set up. You will have to pay the tent rental Company more for the labor fees. Using specialized and rare equipment means if you damage or lose a part, you will need replacement parts from the producer. Therefore, you can use it in the meantime or during downtime.

The frame tent size range is affected by their design too. There is a limit to how wide you can make a structure without adding internal supports. While the width is limited to 40 feet, the length size isn’t. They likewise come in many colors, so you will have to find the right color that works for you.

  1. Tension Outdoor Event Tent Rentals

Tension tents are similar to pole tents since they use a perimeter and center pole for support. Furthermore, depending on tie-down tension to keep the roof set up, sharing the basic installation and delivery of pole tents. Truth, the main difference between tension and other pole tents is the size of their peaks. Tension canopies have taller peaks than different canopies and are called “high peaks” tents. These tents offer a more stunning and elegant look, perfect for formal and business events.

The stunning design also has some pros. The tall peaks improve wind resistance and drainage, permitting tension tents to withstand extreme weather. Consider a tension tent when searching for something more permanent and durable. A few models are even appropriate for use as perpetual structures. But, also have similar limitations as pole tents. You need to leave space for staking, and you can’t install them next to buildings or inside.

Even though these canopies have an open feel, they still have a center pole that can meddle with visibility and certain layouts. Because of their construction, tension canopies can cost more than standard pole tents. They may not cost as much as frame structures, but the costs can depend on the producer and model.

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