First Birthday Ideas in Miami

Comes the first baby birthday and the best is giving a good party to celebrate with family, a colorful decor and friends and, of course, a cake adapted to the 12 months of the child.


It has already passed the first year of the baby and approaches his first birthday party. Usually a social event full of hope parents and baby will feel happy to be the center of attention, yes, avoid excessive tumult, overwhelm with lots of hugs, and noises and flashes too strong because they can scare the child. Another good recommendation is that the child has napped for that is not tired at the very beginning.


A small party with family and closest friends will be the perfect first birthday for baby. The decor should be large and striking, for example with balloons, with favorite child and garlands. It is also a good idea to put babies background music to liven up the atmosphere.


But apart from the decor and guests, there is another point that makes them special dads illusion: the first child’s birthday cake.


How should be your first cake?


With 12 months babies can eat almost anything: whole milk, cream, cake, eggs, fruit … But it may only take a small piece and it is best that the cake is done at home to carry natural ingredients, be made to like small and the amount of sugar is reduced because infants should not consume excessively.


A good idea of cake for babies a year are the homemade cakes are easy to eat, soft and do not have to carry excess fat and sugar: yogurt cake, carrot, banana or apple, for example. They can be made in molds shaped like animals and decorate with chocolate but in very small quantities because it is still strong stomach for such young children. They can also eat but like cream with chocolate in small amounts by excess fat.


They recommend avoiding nuts and sticky fondant by danger of choking, as well as jellybeans, Smarties and other goodies style.


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