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One of the most important events for a woman is certainly your wedding. We know that day will be the major players and all eyes will be on our clothes, our hair and our face. In addition, we want people to join us we love and are comfortable. And just why it is that it can be a little stressful to think of every detail.


I confess: I am of the women that makes it a little hard to think of the decor, the food and the long list of tidbits that brides should worry. So in the event that marries, I decided to be a super simple style and wondered what the basic things that yes or yes should be paying attention. I do not much helped a friend with the organization of your wedding and Marissa Minetti, an expert on weddings, also absolved some of my doubts.

Key questions for a simple wedding

The day of the big event

Marissa Minetti told me that the first thing we answered is “when” because it revolve around several issues.

“Choose the place where the wedding will take place the ceremony and the sooner the better reception, and you will not have problems of availability. Remember that many locations are separated months in advance but you need to know the exact date.



Who are your guests?

Believe it or not, this is one of the essential issues, largely because organizing a wedding can be complicated as guests begin to increase. If you are thinking about a small wedding, the number should not be above 80.


And now comes the good … to build your list you must sit quietly with your boyfriend and have no mercy when they remember to that aunt you have not seen since you were eight years. My advice? Set your maximum number of guests and starts with the closest relatives and close friends of both.

Marissa tells us that “then if your budget allows, include your co-workers and certain social contacts. Do not feel compelled to invite from simple obligation. ” It’s as simple as explaining then you did a private wedding



Your wedding budget

Believe it or not, this is the third question from the list, because the market will find different alternatives with respect to costs; the fact is to seek patiently and be an option that suits your calculations. This point also is also directly linked to the number of your guests.

When you start your suppliers hire note that catering is critical because so much of the total cost. The positive is that, in general, includes several essential services com food, music, tables, etc.


A very good tip is to avoid feeling that spending in the month of the event, open an account to leave mancomunda saving and have more to clear the amount spent without overdoing it. The idea is not that you stay in debt for a year to be happy one day.


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