Foam Machine Rental Party Tips

One of the most exciting parties as of late is, without question, the foam machine rental party. There’s something about foam parties that gets people excited. Yes, it’s more likely the foam. But, when you’re throwing a foam party, there are a few things you have to consider so everyone can have a fun experience.

First, Miami foam machine rentals are an excellent choice for any celebration, such as birthdays, graduations, after proms, reunions, or even a fun summer get-together to beat the heat. So, allow us to show you how to set up a fun machine foam party!

Picking the Right Venue to Host your Foam Party 

The most important tip when planning any occasion is picking the right venue. Choosing a site will be particularly significant concerning your foam party. You’ll have to consider a wide range of essential factors before hosting your party.

For instance, the time of year, climate conditions (particularly for an outdoor scene), the age of the visitors, the number of guests invited, and the water resistance of the setting. That last one is significant and unquestionably an essential issue when arranging a foam party.


Foam party guests having fun

For summer parties, picking an outdoor scene has many advantages. Mainly, it implies you don’t have to stress over water damage to the building from the foam. Also, you reduce the cleaning procedure. When throwing a foam party outside, searching for a hard surface like a patio or driveway is a bright idea.

If you don’t find a hard surface, we recommend throwing a plastic sheet down on the grass to keep the grass safe and keep up the air bubbles for a longer time. Moreover, foam combines nicely with a Doral bounce house rental since it is an extraordinary method to keep the bubbles in a particular area. It will also keep the children safe from slipping and falling on the hard ground.

Throw an Indoor Foam Machine Party

It may be a brilliant idea to book your foam party indoors if the weather turns chilly and wet since these conditions don’t mix well. Talk with the proprietor of the indoor venue regarding the water resistance of the dance floor and walls.

Some venue owners don’t allow people to host a foam machine party in their building because the water will damage their floors or walls. So discuss this essential issue before signing a contract since you can be liable for damages. Furthermore, make sure to book a significant enough place for your visitors to move freely. Many people in a small tight space will shut down any party, particularly one that needs enough room for guests to play with the foam.

A big no!

Soap foam

Often, people think they can make their foam with some dish soap, but not recommended. Dish soap can cause difficulties such as pain in your eyes and cause skin irritations or rashes. We all have had shampoo or soap get in our eyes and know that burning sensation will ruin the foam party.

Foam Machine Rental

Instead, leasing a professional foam machine from a party rental will guarantee you avoid those issues. It would help if you searched for a machine that produces hypoallergenic foam. It won’t aggravate the skin, and the hypoallergenic soap foam is biodegradable!

You’ll make the party more fun by keeping your guests safe while caring for Mother Nature. Utilizing a foam machine will make it simpler to apply the froth and make less mess than attempting to make your own.

Protect the Floor, Walls, and Furniture

Little boy playing in foam bath

Utilizing a plastic sheet will help protect the ground or deck. However, make sure the plastic sheet is large enough to cover the entire area you are adding foam. Using various tarps is okay if you can’t find one significant enough. To keep it secure, use duct tape around all edges of the sheets! It will keep them from sliding around and foam from leaking between the cracks of the tarp.

Moreover, you may likewise need to cover the walls with some plastic sheets to protect them. Next, pick furniture that won’t get harmed by water or foam, such as plastic folding chairs and tables. Again, the best advice is to remove the furniture that could get damaged until the party finishes. Lastly, you’ll need to cover electrical sockets, plugs and protect the DJ booth from the foam pit to prevent electrocutions.

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