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Top Wedding Planners in Miami Outside Wedding Weather Tips

Top wedding planners in Miami understand when you’re planning an outdoor affair to celebrate your nuptials, it can intimidate or even scare you. Often, their other scarier things than a late-arriving bride.

So, we figured it would be an excellent time to discuss how you can prepare for unpredictable climate conditions at your outdoor wedding. Plus, how you can transform them into a positive.

Today’s blog comes to you from the experts at 24 Hours Party Rental who have planned many outside weddings and who have experienced all unimaginable climates on a bride big day.

The week prior to your wedding always look out for the weather forecast. Here are our Miami Party Rentals planning tips for ensuring a fruitful outside wedding event:

The Ceremony

If it looks that your outside wedding ceremony may experience a heatwave then ensure you have umbrellas, water bottles, and sunscreen available to keep your visitors cool. They can stay in the shade while you take your vows. Always ensure you have cold water accessible as this also assists with the alcohol consumption and the danger of heatstroke on a hot day.

Then again, if it looks like the weather will wash out your outdoor ceremony, ensure you have a Plan B that fits the entirety of your visitors, bridal party and celebrant! Your Plan B should be a tent rental that will prevent rain from ruining your big day or keep your guests from getting a heatstroke.

Top Wedding Planners in Miami Outside Wedding Tent

Top wedding planners in Miami weather issues

On a sweltering summer day, there’s nothing better than a light breeze cooling you and your visitors. Besides, the feeling of the outside with an open-sided tent. Ensure you can lift all the sides so the breeze can flow through.

Ensure you request that your tent merchant tell you the best way to open and close the sides if it gets too cold at night or the breeze gets too strong! With a tipi tent, it must be a built-in view of the climate conditions—when it’s built you can’t change the openings! Although, some tent rentals in Miami bring sidewalls and can open or close at whatever time.

The Bar Reception

An average bar reception lasts about an hour and a half. So, it’s essential to guarantee that if you are having the bar outside the tent covering space, you can offer sun parasols or pagodas or umbrellas for shade to your wedding guests.

Not every person likes the sun and wants their make-up slide off their face! If you have a significant tent, then you have enough space for all of your visitors, so don’t worry. Cool down your visitors off with ice cream or ice popsicles, and you can also rent a Frozen Margarita machine rental to impress your guests. Also, give sunglasses and sun cream in gift bags.

Wedding Day Rain


OK, so we live in the Miami area and that means there is always a good chance of rain on your big day regardless of the season! Before you book your photographer, it could be beneficial to ask how they handle a downpour. Ask if they have experience with rain and if you can see some from their previous rain pictures.

With the correct photographer and the willingness to go outside, you can accomplish some stunning pictures that different brides probably won’t be fortunate to get! Rain can get the photographer creative juices pumping so trust them and don’t worry about the rain and get out there for a beautiful shot.

The Timings

The best weddings are fun and relaxed events while your wedding planner will ensure everything goes precisely as planned. If the climate is questionable, consider how this may impact your timings and have a bad weather alternative that keeps the daily schedule on track.

The Footwear

wedding footwear-high heels

For any outside wedding, footwear can be an issue. A wedding is a perfect chance to wear those new Valentino, Prada or Gucci high heels. However, if there’s a chance of rain and your site is on grass or dirt, encourage your visitors to wear suitable footwear.

We frequently see couples giving flip flops for the dance floor, but for an outside wedding request that visitors bring comfortable shoes!

Expect the unexpected and be ready!

I know it seems like rain was the topic, but these tips also work for snow and other issues. Our top wedding planners in Miami message is simple, always be ready whether it is heatwave, rain or winter snow. Ensure you have a Plan B if you have a tent structure for your outside wedding.

Ensure you have someone on location to oversee supplier deliveries and set up, and the evacuation of water from the tents!! In the heavy downpour tent by their quality are prone to holes or leaks and you would prefer not to arrive at your reception to find wet flooded areas of your tent.

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