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If you’re looking for a quality bounce house rental Broward County, contact 24 Hours Party Rental. Established in 2000, 24 Hours Party Rental Miami has the experience and expertise to assist you in turning an average party into an epic event.

Parents and even professional event planners struggle with creating an activity that will engage children and hold their interest throughout the party. For example, a bounce house rental in Miami is an excellent activity that will not only intrigue young guests at first sight but will hold their interest throughout the entire event.

It allows the host and hostess time to socialize. Keeping youngsters entertained will also allow adult guests the freedom to enjoy the party without worrying about keeping their children occupied.

24 Hours Party Rental

Because we have a wide variety of inflatable play structures, you are sure to find a perfect match for your theme, color scheme, and unique needs. There are enclosed structures and open concept styles, depending on your preference, and some structures feature slides, climbers, arches, tunnels, and other fun options. In addition, we have bounce house rentals and combo bounce houses for everyone from toddlers to teens and even adults.

You can rent all of our inflatables according to the regulations of the United States government. We are the first and only company in the Miami area with the Certificate of Quality Standard of Safety of the United States. Your safety is important to us! All our units are sanitized and thoroughly inspected before each delivery to ensure that our customers receive the best possible equipment for the best possible experience.

Some Miami party planners like using inflatable play structures as more than just a fun activity. Because the bounce houses are large and colorful and come in specific themes, you can use them as the main decoration for an event. As a result, there won’t be the need to create a festive atmosphere with more giant decorations or bunches of balloons. Instead, one colorful bounce house is often needed to create a festive look for the party area.

Are you planning an event? Here are our eight most popular bounce house rental Miami and bounce house Broward County options available to you from 24 Hours Party Rental.

Humvee Truck Bounce House

Humvee Bounce house rental

One of our most popular bounce houses is our Humvee Truck. This enormous monster truck is the perfect addition to a monster truck-themed party or any car-themed event. The sizeable inflatable structure features a bright red truck with yellow and blue accents. The inflatable 4×4 truck, with its large tires and bumper, features an enclosed bounce area.

Children will love to pretend they are at the wheel of this enormous truck and bounce around inside the large interior. Serve chocolate doughnuts to resemble large truck tires, watch a monster truck competition on television and allow little guests to jump inside this large Humvee Truck. It will be a party they won’t soon forget.

Zoo Fun Bounce House Rental

tropical zoo bounce house

Whether you’re having a zoo or jungle-themed party, this Zoo Fun bouncy is the perfect enhancement to your theme. This animated features a tall yellow giraffe, funny orange monkey, and other animals to play and climb.

There is a circular area where even the smallest bouncers can safely play. Serve animal crackers or bring some small critters to the venue for a petting zoo along with this Zoo Fun inflatable to create a magical party for all your favorite party animals and critter lovers.

Plaza Sesame Kingdom | Sesame Street Kingdom

sesame street bounce house

Everyone loves Elmo and the other friends on Sesame Street, which is why this is a popular structure. Toddlers and preschoolers will love to visit their colorful buddies inside this PLAZA SESAME KINGDOM, our Sesame Street-themed bouncy. Your guests will be humming the Sesame Street theme song all day long as they merrily bounce in this colorful house.

The front of the enclosed structure features a colorful image of Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, and other Sesame Street characters. Turn your bounce house rental in Miami into a real adventure on Sesame Street! Play episodes of the popular television show while kids bounce to make them feel like they have visited this famous street.

Mickey Park Bounce House


This colorful bouncy house features a large picture of Disney’s lovable pair, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, their pal Goofy, lovable Pluto, and the zany Donald and Daisy Duck. Of course, most preschool kids would love to visit Mickey’s clubhouse, which is the perfect way to make that dream come true. The top of the house features three-dimensional Mickey ears that every child will instantly recognize.

Create your version of the Mickey Mouse ears for your guests to wear while jumping. Staple black paper circles onto an elastic headband. Kids will love to wear their ears as they bounce around! They will feel like they are the VIP guests at Mickey Mouse’s famous clubhouse!

Chopperville Bounce House

chopperville bounce house

Your child’s imagination will go wild on this Chopperville bouncy! It features a red helicopter, palm tree, green truck, tent, and other surprises. The bounce house will provide youngsters with a helicopter ride adventure at a cheap price! And best of all, you won’t have to leave Broward or Dade County! Your child can pretend to pilot the red helicopter or take an imaginary ride in the bright green truck.

Whatever the adventure your child wants to imagine, this colorful, open concept play structure will help transport them there. Then, send guests home with a colorful pinwheel and memories of their time in Chopperville. Children will think they have been on an exotic vacation, but the host will know it’s a bounce house rental in Miami!

The Dragon Gate Combo

The popular Dragon Gate Combo bouncy includes a slide and will inspire imagination with its colorful and bright color scheme. Though the main part of this structure is the giant slide, other fun activities are too.

Kids will enjoy climbing the wall to the top of the slide and playing on the colorful stripped poles. The structure is sixteen feet in length, fourteen feet wide, and rises to nine feet. It is a generic inflatable that will enhance any party, no matter the theme.

Kid’s Zone Bouncer


It is no wonder why the Kid’s Zone bouncy is so popular! This brightly colored bouncer features slides, tubes, and structures to climb and bounce. There is also a tunnel to go through and a bridge to cross. This open structure is pink, green, yellow, and purple. The Kid’s Zone bouncy is the right choice for any party and will fit any theme.

Bounce House Rental Broward

Kids playing inside a bounce house rental Broward

A bounce house rental in Broward is fun for everyone, including parents and children alike. Renting a bounce house can also benefit the host and children in many ways, including:

  • Exercise for children
  • Many bounce house themes mean easier party planning
  • Safety- Inflatable castles are soft but require supervision
  • Fun for Kids
  • More enormous bouncers are fun for adults
  • Promotes Social Skills
  • Allow parents some time to socialize and chat
  • Straightforward setup and breakdown
  • The jumping activity tires kids out
  • Excellent Value- Some start as low as $99
  • Distraction from indoor home activities

Bounce House Rental Broward County provide Exercise for Children

Using an inflatable castle provides activity and exercise for lazy or dormant kids. For example, jumping around in a bounce house can enhance a child’s cardiovascular system. It also helps with muscle and bone growth as the body is stretching and more active.

Many Bounce House Rental Broward Themes to Choose

Usually, bounce house rentals in Miami come in many shapes, colors, and themes. A bounce house theme can be a great addition to any kids’ party, regardless of the theme of a girl princess or boy superhero. They also bring many attachments or features, for example, slides and ball hoops to meet any children’s requirements.

Bounce House bring Safety Features

Most parents worry about their children’s safety, and rightly so. However, many parents have turned to rent bounce houses for their party. The bouncers have their surfaces and walls of vinyl filled with air. So there’s no need to stress over children falling or cutting themselves while playing in the inflatable castle.

Bounce Houses Provide a Fun Time for Children

Children love inflatable castles since it allows them to act like kids without causing parents any problems. The children can bounce as high as they like and bounce off walls safely without the worry of being hurt, so, the best time for every parent.

Playing in a Fun Bouncer Promotes Social Skills

Perhaps the best part of a bounce house rental in Broward is seeing all the children socializing with each other. The children can make friendships and the fun time bouncing allows them to develop their social skills. They run around with their new friends, which is excellent for parents with an anti-social child or a single child.

Bounce House Party Allow Parents Time to Socialize and Chat

Most of the time, children’s parties aren’t fun for parents, particularly when high-energy children like to play. A Broward bounce house rental would be an extraordinary idea if you invited many children.

Bounce houses also distract the children and keep them occupied, allowing parents some time to socialize and chat with friends or make new friends. It likewise will enable parents to appreciate the party for themselves, which means no more cringing their face when they hear children party.

Straightforward setup and breakdown of Inflatables

Bounce House rentals are straightforward to set up. Most bounce houses require only space as they tend to take up a large area. The party rental company would provide a generator and connect it; then, it’s all set.

Jumping on a Bounce House Tires Kids Out

Bounce house rentals Broward tends to tire the kids out. However, this allows them to calm down and participate in different activities at the party. Besides tiring the children, it makes the party more manageable for the parents—no more running around looking for your kids the entire time.

Broward Bounce House Rentals provide Excellent Value

Most children’s parties can get costly. Fortunately, Broward bounce house rentals are the entertainment, and you pay it one time. It permits parents to spend more on different parts of the party while saving some cash for other needs like food and party favors.

Bounce houses provide Entertainment from Indoor Home Activities

Children like lazy stuff like smartphones, tablets, and computer games. Renting a bounce house for a party offers them a pause from these devices and permits them to appreciate some natural air. Odds are before the end of the party; they won’t come out or ask for their device.

Remember to Pick the Correct Party Rentals Broward Company

Bounce house rental Miami and bounce house rentals Broward, including other inflatable structures, can be used at any event, not just birthday parties. They are popular for weddings, corporate parties, and community events. Bounce houses aren’t just for children either. Many of our teen and adult customers enjoy bouncing too.

If you need even more exciting options to add to your event, consider some of our other party rental options that are popular with our littlest customers. These rental options include wet and dry slides, dunk tanks, mechanical rides, foam machine rentals Miami, chocolate fountains, foam machines, and more. Of course, we also have all your tables and chairs, and linen needs to be taken care of too. We are a full-service party rental company!

Our party rentals include more than just entertainment items for kids and Miami bounce house rentals. We offer a wide variety of options to help create the perfect event. We provide tents and structures of all sizes and styles, tables, chairs, skirting, dance floors, staging, electric panels, cable, display drape, and many other unique event products, too numerous to mention.

Are you looking for an affordable and safe bounce house rental in Miami? 24 Hours Party Rental will help you find the ideal bounce house rental Miami combo for your event. We will be happy to work with you to establish the best combination of rental items needed to create a most magical event, no matter the occasion. You are important to us, and we will do our best to meet your needs and accommodate your special requests.

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